L'ombra di Edgar

L ombra di Edgar Quentin Clark un uomo fortunato avvocato brillate fidanzato con la ragazza pi bella di Baltimora sembra che la vita gli riservi un cammino luminoso Ma un giorno si imbatte nel funerale di Edgar Alla

  • Title: L'ombra di Edgar
  • Author: Matthew Pearl Roberta Zuppet
  • ISBN: 9788817023696
  • Page: 282
  • Format: Paperback
  • Quentin Clark un uomo fortunato avvocato brillate, fidanzato con la ragazza pi bella di Baltimora, sembra che la vita gli riservi un cammino luminoso Ma un giorno si imbatte nel funerale di Edgar Allan Poe, di cui fervido ammiratore, e tutto improvvisamente cambia Pare che, poco prima di morire, Poe sia stato trovato in una bettola, drogato e ubriaco Sull accadutoQuentin Clark un uomo fortunato avvocato brillate, fidanzato con la ragazza pi bella di Baltimora, sembra che la vita gli riservi un cammino luminoso Ma un giorno si imbatte nel funerale di Edgar Allan Poe, di cui fervido ammiratore, e tutto improvvisamente cambia Pare che, poco prima di morire, Poe sia stato trovato in una bettola, drogato e ubriaco Sull accaduto fioriscono leggende e pettegolezzi che rischiano di mettere in dubbio il valore e la fama dello scrittore Quentin deciso a scoprire cos realmente accaduto per restituire dignit all immagine del suo mito Ma l ombra di Poe e i suoi racconti misteriosi lo ossessionano, trascinandolo in un vortice di ricatti e delitti.

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      Matthew Pearl is the author of the novels The Dante Club, The Poe Shadow, The Last Dickens, The Technologists, and The Last Bookaneer His books have been New York Times bestsellers and international bestsellers translated into than 30 languages His nonfiction writing has appeared in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, the Boston Globe, and Slate He has been heard on shows including NPR s All Things Considered and Weekend Edition Sunday, and his books have been featured on Good Morning America and CBS Sunday Morning Matthew Pearl grew up in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and is a graduate of Harvard University and Yale Law School He has also taught literature and creative writing at Harvard University and Emerson College, and has been a Visiting Lecturer in law and literature at Harvard Law School He lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts.In addition to , you can follow Matthew at Twitter twitter matthewpearl , Facebook facebook pages Matthew , Red Room redroom author matthew , LibraryThing librarything profile m , Shelfari shelfari o1517919240 and Myspace myspace quentinclark.


    1. Onvan : The Poe Shadow - Nevisande : Matthew Pearl - ISBN : 1400061032 - ISBN13 : 9781400061037 - Dar 367 Safhe - Saal e Chap : 2006

    2. Matthew Pearl's The Poe Shadow is the first book I've read in a while that I did not like at all. The premise is interesting; a contemporary of Edgar Allen Poe attempts to discover what happened in the final days before the poet's death. Pearl had written the moderately entertaining The Dante Club prior to this, and I had expected to see the improvement that often comes with an author's sophomore effort. Instead, Pearl only manages to serve up a snooze-fest.To begin with, Quentin Clark is the mo [...]

    3. Like all good horror aficionados, I consider myself a Edgar Allen Poe fan as much as the next man/woman. The iconic author set so much foundation for the dark genres we love and enjoy today. So I was instantly intrigued when this book blipped on my radar. A mystery surrounding the death of the great Poe? Count me in. Alas, The Poe Shadow was a disappointment through and through. This novel just didn't cut it, no matter which way I tried to slice it. It failed to have any of the creepiness or dar [...]

    4. While this was an interesting subject & the mystery surrounding Poe's death was written well, I HATED the lead character. He was whiney, obsessive and at times down right stupid. He's one of those guys with book smarts, but is dumb as a box of rocks when it comes to real life. He is obsessive to the point of loosing everything he is/has, his career, fortune, home, finance, friendse only thing that keeps him from absolutely loosing everything is due to friends coming to his aid at the end.If [...]

    5. It seems that I am outnumbered here in the reviews. I really enjoyed this book a lot. Many readers are commenting that The Poe Shadow is not as good as The Dante Club. Sure, a serial killer on the loose in Boston is compelling stuff. Graphic murder and mayhem trumps an intellectual mystery in Baltimore. While reading The Poe Shadow, I tried to avoid comparing the two works, as each deserves recognition on its own terms. Popular sentiment is that Quentin Clark, the protagonist, is quite a knob. H [...]

    6. I enjoyed Dante Club (I like historical fiction) and so was looking forward to reading The Poe Shadow--I even bought it in hardcover, which is rare for me. Well, it was terrible. Quite possibly the worst book I've ever read. It was totally unclear to me what was going on--was he crazy or was all this stuff really happening to him? I was hoping it would be brilliantly explained at the end so I kept trudging along even though it was beyond tedious. There was no payoff in the end. It was so bad tha [...]

    7. I think I actively disliked this book.The more I think of it, the more I dislike. I read his book about Dante, and didn't hate, but wow I disliked this one.First off, I know a lot about Poe. Helps that I was a docent (fancy word for tour guide) at the Richmond Poe Museum. So, yeah, I got your Poe right here.The whole plot didn't make sense. Oh my god, I hated the main character who was pretty much a 19th century stalker. Poe should have gotten a restraining order on this guy. So when Poe dies, t [...]

    8. Although I appreciate novels as good literature and occasionally forces of social change ("Uncle Tom's Cabin" is a good example, as it strengthened the abolitionist movement), I don't normally read them, as I find truth to be more fascinating than fiction. "The Poe Shadow" is set in antebellum America. The protagonist, a young attorney, risks life and limb to unravel the mystery of Edgar Allan Poe's death, and enlists the aid of a French detective, supposedly the prototype for Poe literary sleut [...]

    9. El autor estructura la novela en cinco partes o libros como él los llama según va avanzando la investigación. Se desarrolla en dos escenarios distintos; Baltimore(la mayor parte) y París.Comienza en Baltimore, el 8 de Octubre de 1849, fecha del entierro de Poe. El protagonista, un joven abogado llamado Quentin Clark lo presencia por casualidad. Sin saber de quién se trata, de repente, le invade una inexplicable tristeza al ver la pobre sepultura que está recibiendo. Cuando se entera por lo [...]

    10. On Oct. 7, 1849, a little-known poet and author of strange gothic tales died in a Baltimore hospital. He had been found, disheveled and injured, in an alleyway. After his death, a small funeral was held at a small Baltimore Presbyterian church. A total of four people attended. The man's name was Edgar Allan Poe.The true events leading to the mysterious death of Edgar Allan Poe remain a mystery to this day. No one knows what he was doing in Baltimore, as he was supposed to be in New York at the t [...]

    11. I could suffer this novel up to page 130, and then I gave up: Pearl has a very bewildering and baffling style. Maybe in a Spanish translation it'll be digestible.

    12. My rating should actually be taken as 3.5 stars. This is the 2nd book involving Edgar Allan Poe I've read in the past year. The other being "The Beautiful Cigar Girl" a work of non fiction & this being historical fiction. It takes place in mid 19th century Baltimore at the time of Poe's death which the press has leaped upon as an object lesson of the evils of drink. A young lawyer & admirer of Poe becomes incensed at this slander & sets out to make the record straight, but his obsess [...]

    13. I honestly don't think I can finish this book. Which is disappointing because I really like "The Dante Club" so I had high hopes for this one. What is the problem? Motivation. As in - what is the character's motivation for doing what he does? Seemingly there is none. I would describe it as such; Quentin is a man who only wants a blue M&M, however he lives in a world where there ARE NO blue M&M's. So he just runs around and screams erratically at strangers to make them believe there's a b [...]

    14. The premise of this novel was very intriguing. I liked the concept behind the story, but it could have used a lot more editing. There were quite a few descriptions and events that could have been omitted and allowed the plot to move at a better pace. The ending was one area that needed to be edited. I found myself re-reading a lot to try and follow along as Pearl was revealing Poe's last hours. I'm still not sure I understood where he was going with his story. Then, all of a sudden, everyone's l [...]

    15. For people who like Poe. I am a huge fan of Poe's poetry and short stories. This is a fun read for people who enjoy his works or people new to him and want to learn more about his life through a story.

    16. Soe common saying is that "the third time's the charm"--right? Not necessarily. A couple of challenges asked us to give a book we'd never been able to finish another try. So, I decided on The Poe Shadow by Matthew Pearl. I tried to read it a couple of times and just couldn't finish it. This year was the chance to change that. For good measure, I also added it to my TBR Pile list for Adam's challenge. That would ensure that I read the darn thing.Okay. So, I did. And I didn't like it any better th [...]

    17. 2.5 stars.I finished the book! I can't believe I finished it! This is a major deal for me, because I've had this book on my shelf for around 8 years now, and I've always put it off. I don't really know why, because I'm a fan of Edgar Allan Poe. Maybe it was the mystery element, something I don't really tend to read in fiction. Anyway, I finally knuckled down and finished this book, so finally I am in the position to write a complete review.The Poe Shadow follows the endeavors of Quentin Clark, a [...]

    18. This book was a huge disappointment. The plot--a young 19th century attorney investigates the mysterious death of Edgar Allan Poe--seemed promising, but was not nearly as interesting as I'd hoped. I attribute this to two failings: failure to create likeable characters, and failure to adhere to the adage "brevity is the soul of wit." On the first count: the protagonist, Quentin Clark, is childish and insipid. He's an irritating hero, but what's worse is that he isn't a hero who moves the plot for [...]

    19. I have to agree with a lot of the reviews here. I read and absolutely loved the Dante Club, so when I heard there was a new book from the same author, I snatched it up. The premise was tantalizing, what really happened to Edgar Alan Poe in his final days?I got about halfway through this book, and eventually decided to throw it in. Where Dante Club moved with all the pace and movement of a well plotted film, the Poe Shadow was boring from the start. I do agree. The main characters not likable in [...]

    20. Matthew Pearl's best-selling The Dante Club (2003) successfully meshed history, literature, and mystery. Though he tries to duplicate this formula and honor a great American writer, The Poe Shadow fails to garner similar interest. First, Pearl's attempt to echo 19th-century prose is fusty and verbose. Second, Clark, though he has his eccentricities, is rather "poor company" (Wall Street Journal). Third, while the subplots offer intrigue, they rarely advance the plot and never attain the macabre [...]

    21. A 300+ page framing device for his personal research and interest into the death of Edgar Allen Poe. Full of false promises, an unlikable and unreliable narrator that we are forced to trust due to the publisher promised "answers to Poe's death" and little closure at the end. The whole thing seemed a self indulgent excuse for why the author himself had wasted his life researching Poe- making "purpose" out of his research by publishing it as a piece of historical fiction. "See mom and dad!? You ar [...]

    22. The real redeeming this about this book is that at the end (in the historical notes) you find out that the main character's conclusions about Poe might really be true. That made the book a million times more interesting and yet I still think it only gets two stars. The main character is a bit too irritating, and not in any sort of loveable or identifiable way. You get sick of him, which makes it hard to keep reading the otherwise interesting story about Poe's death. If you're interest in Poe, ju [...]

    23. I am being a little generous with four stars, but three seemed stingy. I very much liked the premise of this book, and Pearl has a nice knack for literary mystery and period details. Perhaps I was hoping for more about Poe himself, or perhaps I hold all literary mysteries up to "Possession" (which is hardly fair). I would recommend this and look forward to "The Last Dickens".

    24. This started off quite slowly but it's a good mystery read and I'm glad I stuck with it. A lot of the prose can be quite long-winded and think it could have done with a better edit.

    25. I loved The Dante Club (reviewed in July). It was intelligent, and pure geeky fun, and I had a lovely time picking my way among the corpses in 19th century Boston. So I jumped at the chance to take The Poe Shadow on paperbackswap.I should preface this by admitting I haven't read much Poe. I have a couple of collections; I've just never gotten around to it. But I'm familiar with his most famous poems, I knew who C. Auguste Dupin was, and I knew a little about Poe's life and reputation - about th [...]

    26. Aku belum pernah satu kalipun membaca karya-karya Edgar Allan Poedan ketika aku mendapatkan buku ini, dengan harga yang amat istimewa pastinyadisebuah pameran buku beberapa bulan yang laluh yang dilatar belakangimystery-thriller dan sedikit (banyak) unsur selidik menyelidiki waah seneng dong!! Ini kan termasuk salah satu genre favoritkubuku hampir setebal 800-an halamanyang terbagi didalamnya menjadi; Buku I (8 Oktober 1849), Buku II (Paris), Buku III (Baltimore 1851)Buku IV dan Buku V (mungkin) [...]

    27. My final review for June is The Poe Shadow by Matthew Pearl, a book I bought last year because I liked the cover and the title. It's the same superficial reason I used for Measuring the World by Daniel Kehlmann and for the most part, my intuition paid off for both.Edgar Allen Poe showed up unexpected and in a confused state to the Washington College Hospital in Baltimore. He died there on October 3, 1849. Before his death he called out for a person named Reynolds and a letter was sent to a Dr. S [...]

    28. “Wouldn’t you wish to protect something you knew to be great that everyone else sought to desecrate? Wouldn’t you wish to be a part of changing something, even if it meant changing yourself?"Quentin Clark is a disillusioned attorney living in Baltimore. Although successful in his profession and on the verge of marrying his lifelong sweetheart, after accidentally stumbling upon the very strange and hurried funeral for his literary idol, Edgar Allan Poe, he is willing to sacrifice everything [...]

    29. This is a superb historical thriller based on the real events and characters surrounding Edgar Poe's death in Baltimore in 1849. Pearl recreates 19th century Baltimore and Paris in the literary style of the time and draws the reader into a very Poe-esque tale of mystery and intrigue. Although the characters do come across reserved and controlled without much emotion it must be remembered that in the mid 19th century that is how people were, everything was very formal with etiquette still very mu [...]

    30. Akhirnyaaa aku selesai melahap buku 'sexy' setebal hampir 800 iniGenre detektif memang kesukaanku. Kalau ditambah dengan unsur sejarah, lebih menantang lagi. Apalagi sejarah itu tentang seorang yg punya nama nesar di dunia kesusasteraan dunia: Edgar Allan Poe. Hampir semua unsur di buku ini adalah fakta sejarah. Penulisnya, Matthew Pearl hanya merangkai berbagai fakta, data, opini dari berbagai sumber untuk membentuk sebuah penalaran yang masuk akal. Yang bukan fakta adalah tokoh2 sentralnya: Qu [...]

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