GhosTV For the past dozen years Victor Bayne has solved numerous murders by interrogating witnesses only he can see dead witnesses But when his best friend Lisa goes missing from the sunny California campus

  • Title: GhosTV
  • Author: Jordan Castillo Price
  • ISBN: 9781935540212
  • Page: 175
  • Format: ebook
  • For the past dozen years, Victor Bayne has solved numerous murders by interrogating witnesses only he can see dead witnesses But when his best friend Lisa goes missing from the sunny California campus of PsyTrain, the last thing he wants to find there is her spirit.Disappearing without a trace in a school full of psychics That s some trick But somehow both Lisa and herFor the past dozen years, Victor Bayne has solved numerous murders by interrogating witnesses only he can see dead witnesses But when his best friend Lisa goes missing from the sunny California campus of PsyTrain, the last thing he wants to find there is her spirit.Disappearing without a trace in a school full of psychics That s some trick But somehow both Lisa and her roommate have vanished into thin air A group of fanatics called Five Faith has been sniffing around, and Lisa s email is compromised Time is running out, and with no ghosts to cross examine, Vic can t afford to turn down any offers of help An old enemy can provide an innovative way to track Vic s missing friend, and he enters into an uneasy alliance even though its ultimate cost will ensnare him in a debt he may never manage to settle.

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      Author and artist Jordan Castillo Price is the owner of JCP Books LLC Her paranormal thrillers are colored by her time in the midwest, from inner city Chicago, to small town Wisconsin, to liberal Madison.Jordan is best known as the author of the PsyCop series, an unfolding tale of paranormal mystery and suspense starring Victor Bayne, a gay medium who s plagued by ghostly visitations Also check out her new series, Mnevermind, where memories are made client at a time.With her education in fine arts and practical experience as a graphic designer, Jordan set out to create high quality ebooks with lavish cover art, quality editing and gripping content The result is JCP Books, offering stories you ll want to read again and again.


    1. Written April 20, 2015 4.4 Stars - Brilliant and hilarious fun once againBook #6Is this the craziest, weirdest, most interesting gay romantic GHOST series? Yeah, probably.PsyCop can't be compared with anything else I've read in any case. I maybe didn't love, or understand so much, in the start but thereafter did I start to luckily happy-dancing every time I finished a book from this fantastic world.***********************************************************Chicago nowadays or?The main characters [...]

    2. **Edited to add**Couldn't resist! LOVE these guys!!**Back to review from before**Oh PsyCop, how did you get me wrapped so tightly around your little finger?I loved "GhosTV" so very much. So much that I'm in a brief mourning period because there are no other books left in the series. When is the next one going to come out!?! Anyway, this book was much longer than the previous ones, and felt more personal to me. We learned so much about all of the characters. Many things were brought to light; lov [...]

    3. Oh Hell Yes!I love it when Vic and Jacob get to work togetherPlus, Vic finally gets his hands on a GhosTVI'd had proof, time and time again, that the boogie man and the monsters under the bed were real. Maybe what I'd never seen with my own eyes was the evidence that my own mojo was real, too. Lisa goes missing and our favorite PsyCops are on the case. Before they have a chance to hop a flight to California, the Federal Psychic Monitoring Program (FPMP) pulls strings to detain Vic at the airport [...]

    4. By far the BEST storyline in the whole series. This was fascinating, fun, layered, and took the series, especially the psych-portion to an entirely new level. For paranormal fans, book 6 would satisfy.However, as a follow-up to the delicious smut-fest that was book 5, this was ENTIRELY too TAME! I adored and reveled in the growth and now the security of the Vic/Jacob pairingbut I missed the SEX, oh, that hot hot SEX that was in "Camp Hell" prior. Still, this book solidified Vic & Jacob as on [...]

    5. GhostTV takes the main characters of Vic and Jacob out of town and to a new psych center to investigate the disappearance of their friend Lisa. I'm happy to say recruiter and secret government head honcho Con came along.The writing style continues to be fun and easy to read - I love the author's sense of humor in the smallest of things. It amused my Vic, who tends to be neurotic about stuff, gets an inferiority complex about his thin frame thanks to a bitchy comment from Jacob's sister. He then [...]

    6. I was introduced to the PsyCop series last May. I was enthralled, read books one to five back to back and went on to vehemently pimp the series to anyone who would (or wouldn't) listen. Solid writing, interesting plot and humor. A world filled with ghost and psychics, but still so very real. Witty dialogues, hot sex and scenes so easy to visualize. And of course: Vic. Cynical, self deprecating Vic. What was not to love?Safe to say I was highly anticipating the release of GhosTV and I wasn't let [...]

    7. I really liked this one, but some stuff was bothering me. I hated the fact that there were almost no sexscenes in this one. The previous book was so hot and then this oneI don't get it. The whole ghostv was kind of pissing me off too. I mean these books have been difficult enough to understand without all the extra ghostv stuff going on. Its starting to become less paranormal and more scifi. I also hated the ending. I mean WTF is Jacob thinking. He knows that Victor hates the fpmpwhy would he do [...]

    8. Wildly witty. Freaky fun. Spooky secrets. Never a dull moment for my favorite supernatural couple and things kick it up a notch in the psychic world with this sixth installment in the series.By now we know Vic pretty darn well. Nearly half a dozen previous books have gifted us with the ins and outs of Victor Bayne. We know (okay, okay, so maybe I adore and covet a bit too) Jacob through Vic’s all-seeing eyes and how they fit together seamlessly. What we don’t know is who is watching them, wh [...]

    9. 4.5 Stars.I’m sure I've said this before but, JCP makes me want to clutch this book and do a spiny twirl making a stupid eeeeeeek sound.I got so excited. So Happpeeeeeand so pissed when real life got in my way!I loved everything about this one, it was so much fun! Ghostly goop and all.Jacob Mc Buffstuff is such a friggin dream boat isn’t he? I love that Mr Muscle showed a vulnerable side, it just makes him SO much more appealing.Victor freaking Bane!!! How can a character be so perfectly IMP [...]

    10. I will do an overall review of the series here because I snuck and finished it when I was supposed to be doing other things. These books are addictive and I love Vic. I love his voice and the way he views the world. I love his flaws and his dependency issues (okay, that sounded odd but you get me). I didn't care for the boyfriend at first, but even he slowly grew on me. I had some issues with a couple of the books, but overall, I think this series is fantastic. The characters feel authentic (eve [...]

    11. So much awesome!I've loved these books for years. In each one, the alternate universe becomes more and more fully realized, and Victor's character emerges from the shadows of anti-hero-dom to the thin sunshine of the wistful hero. In GhosTv, while searching frantically for his friend, Victor also experiences personal insecurity (not difficult, since his lover is a god) and a few empathic epiphanies with his arch-nemesis, the director of all things covert and psychic. He grows as a character, his [...]

    12. This is a review for all the books/side stories so far because I read them all in a row. I really like this series. I enjoy the characters-- all of them, in fact. I can't think offhand of one character I viscerally dislike. I especially love Vic because he's awesome. I love his voice-- more than once I laughed at a line and a couple of times I even took the time to highlight it on my nook to be able to pull up later. I like that even though he's been through a lot of shit, even when he's thinkin [...]

    13. 3.5After realizing Lisa is missing, Victor and Jacob have to accept help from an unlikely party for the sake of expediency.The whole book has a bit of a claustrophobic feeling to it. Almost the whole book takes place in one building and a huge part of it is in a tiny room. Before their trip to the West Coast, Victor's insecurities comes out to play. Again. So he spends most of his time freaking out over one thing or another so when something really weird happens, he doesn't break a sweat. No mor [...]

    14. 4.5 starsThe Book were Victor is Hungry And has good Hair And is generally all over Awesome.A good one in this series. Great execution. JCP writes about perspective, seamlessly woven in, in both the real world and the other planes we encounter in this particular world. Perspective, how we see our selves, how we see others, how we see what's happening around us, how others see us, what others say to us and how this says more of how they see themselves and the world rather than what they see in us [...]

    15. What's good about this book is very, very good. There were a couple of things that bothered me enough to take away a star, though.Vic and Jacob discover that their old buddy, Lisa, seems to be missing from her training center in Santa Barbara, California. A couple of trainees have disappeared without a trace. The clock is ticking and they need to find her.The mystery is pretty great. Vic, once again, discovers new gifts to go along with his other talents and Jacob and he continue to learn about [...]

    16. EDIT: I re-read this book this weekend to ready my body for PsyCop 7! I devoured this book in one really hungover afternoon.I will try to keep this review short and sweet. Oh and spoilers probably because I go on tangents.Guys, Vic is so badass. I love that pill-popping son of a gun. He makes me laugh more often than not, and usually does things that typical MC's don't, even when I want them to. Vic is your man for unconventional MC/hero behavior. You know who else I like? Jacob. Because he's a [...]

    17. Sooo many questions; very few answers. That doesn't mean I didn't enjoy the latest installment in this quirky, sexy series. The author has definitely expanded this world from typical "day in the life" adventures of humble detective Victor Bayne, and has elevated it to "what new powers" will be discovered today??The stakes are definitely higher as Vic and Jacob try to find Lisa. They need help and it's oh-so-convenient that sinister (?) agent Con Dreyfuss is there to lend a hand for a due repayme [...]

    18. This is probably one of the most ambitious books in PsyCop series. The narrative is detailed though rather slow in building the case -- there is no feeling of racing against time here, as Vic and Jacob go to PsyTrain to find their missing friend, the si-no Lisa. I have to admit that I skim most of the story, especially when dealing with the GhosTV and astral body projection. HOWEVER, please note that it is NOT the book's fault. Not at all. I am just not in the state of mind to concentrate on suc [...]

    19. I loved this bookI will be the first one to admit I'm head over heels for Vic and Jacob and have been waiting for this book desperately.Vic's friend Lisa is missing and Jacob and him figure they need to make a trip to Psytrain to check things outey hook up with Con Dreyfuss, Vic's least favorite guy. Once they get to California they find that Lisa and her roommate are missing. Con gets a little help and brings along a Ghostv to help out with the investigationVic's abilities and tricks keep getti [...]

    20. Vic is getting annoyed with his own insecurities. Is this an inevitable result of the deepening relationship and life he's sharing with Jacob? A result of this a much more internalized feel to Vic's telling of this story. He's engaging it like gangbusters, his mind covering so much mileage. 'Course, given the situation in which he and Jacob find themselves, and with whom, it's not a surprise that things shift into overdrive on several fronts at once.Dreyfuss. Part of me loves his unrelenting att [...]

    21. Awesome, wonderful, incredible, etc. etc.Really, Vic's narration is like a place I like to visit again and again. It's a voice that puts you in some kind of space where you just want to know what's happening, where you know you're living a great story, where you make some kind of journey with him.This addition has a very interesting dynamics. Vic is more and more in control of his psychic power and he is developing a method to his investigations. This is something that the Vic of the first book [...]

    22. Victor Bayne never disappoints or fails to amuse me. The paranormal aspect of this episode is just as interesting as the others and there is even more learning to be had about PsyTrain, GhosTV's, Con, etc. I think what makes the paranormal aspect of these stories so fun is that as a reader, I'm learning about it as Vic is. The poor clueless bastard sweetheart has been floating and just existing for so long, all this phenomenon that he is supposed to be an expert in, is new to him. Or at least he [...]

    23. obviously it is amazing - I just love these guys and I'm doing the audio version so I have the pleasure of listening to Gomez Pugh deliver possibly one of the best lines in any book ever:“I'd blow someone for a valium," I said in Jacob's ear."Maybe he's got one but try offering a hand-job first so you retain some leverage.”That was one fantastic book such a great series. I so did not see that ending coming

    24. I really liked this addition to the PsyCop series. It was nice to see Vic and Jacob working side by side again and Con Dreyfuss even warmed up to me with everything we learn about him during the book.Vic, of course, was his smart-mouth, sarcastic self. I found him hilarious and the constant way he'd be thinking of something totally off topic when he was supposed to be paying attention. We briefly see a new side of Jacob in this one, though. During all the mystery, suspense, astral projection and [...]

    25. This last book in the series was the longest and, for me, the most complicated. This was much more focussed on the paranormal, than on Vic and Jacob the couple.I can’t say I understood all that went on in this book. But I was happy to just let myself float along with the parts that overwhelmed me. The rest had me on the edge of my seat, eager to see just who was involved and what was going on. The Vic and Jacob part of this book wasn’t as focussed as in book 5, but the chemistry was still th [...]

    26. Excellent m/m paranormal romantic suspense in which Vic and Jacob head to California to find their friend Lisa, who's vanished without a trace. Definitely looking forward to the next book!

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