Starbridge From the author of the bestselling Star Trek books comes a thrilling galactic exploration At Starbridge Academy three very different beings forge a friendship that transcends their races Together the

  • Title: Starbridge
  • Author: A.C. Crispin
  • ISBN: 9780441783298
  • Page: 451
  • Format: Paperback
  • From the author of the bestselling Star Trek books comes a thrilling galactic exploration At Starbridge Academy three very different beings forge a friendship that transcends their races Together, they make an astounding journey to save the future of the universe.

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    1. A.C. Crispin

      Ann Carol Crispin 1950 2013 was an American science fiction writer, the author of over twenty published novels She wrote professionally since 1983 She wrote several Star Trek and Star Wars novels, and created her own original science fiction series called Starbridge.Crispin also served as Eastern Regional Director, and then Vice President, of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America With Victoria Strauss, she founded Writer Beware, a watchdog group that is part of SFWA that warns aspiring writers about the dangers of scam agents, editors, and publishers Writer Beware was founded in 1998, and has assisted law enforcement and civil authorities in tracking and shutting down writing scams.Crispin, who also wrote a prequel providing the back story for the popular Pirates of the Caribbean movie series, died on September 6th, 2013 at the Hospice of Charles County in Waldorf, aged 63.She was married to science fiction author Michael Capobianco.


    1. Ever so often, I pull a book out of my library to see if my reading tastes have changed. The last time I read Starbridge was 1996. I knew nothing about the art of writing in 1996, and now I am studying the craft. A.C. Crispin wrote the book in 1989 when female heros in sci-fi were largely unknown. Like many of the changes for women in our culture, we often accept the change without thinking about the way it happened. For the first confident steps toward heroic women in sci-fi, we have A.C. Crisp [...]

    2. One of the nice things about POD and its kissing cousin, ebook publishing, is that it allows authors to bring their backlist out to a new audience. Those of us that don't hang out at used bookstores get to read "new to us" authors while the author gets some money off of an old book. One of those finds comes to me from a friend of the blog, Ann Crispin, half of the team at the invaluable blog Writer Beware. The book is her debut novel, Starbridge.Starbridge is a novel of first contact, as told pr [...]

    3. This is the book that turned me into a reader. It's just a great space adventure, not hardcore technobabble-filled sci-fi, just a great adventure. Perfect for the young dreamer if you can find a copy. This whole series deserves to be re-published and rediscovered by a new generation, if for no other reason than the smart, strong young women characters the books are mostly centered on (which are still hard to find in science fiction). Each book in the series is self-contained, so you don't have t [...]

    4. It's interesting to see what holds up over time and what doesn't. Andre Norton, whose work inspired Ann Crispen, doesn't always, especially in her classic Forerunner series. Crispin herself emphatically does.Mahree Burroughs, an almost 17-year-old human from a distant planet in the 22nd century, is heading for the home planet she has never seen to attend university on Earth. Her biggest concern is whether she can win over the cute young doctor who (with his cat) has just been awoken from hiberna [...]

    5. A.C. Crispin holds the distinction of being one of the voices that first made me fall in love with science fiction, thanks to her superlative Han Solo trilogy (The Paradise Snare, The Hutt Gambit, and Rebel Dawn). Star Wars fan or not, those are cracking good reads. However, I'd never explored her other work, and when I discovered that she'd recently re-released her StarBridge series as e-books, I knew I had to try her "unbranded" fiction. The result is an engaging coming-of-age tale, that, thou [...]

    6. This reads like a homeless man's Vernor Vinge or lower rent Timothy Zahn. A human freighter picks up signals and encounters aliens. There are various misunderstandings, leading to finding a whole Federation-type thing of other aliens. None of the characters really seemed real to me. The main character, Mahree, was supposed to be 17 but it was hard for me not to think of her as a whiny 12-year-old. That said it's still some fun light sci-fi reading. If the sequels were cheap enough I might read t [...]

    7. One of my favorites from my teen yearsI am so happy to finally see this series available again. I just reread it for approx the 213th time (ok perhaps that's a slight exaggeration). My paper copy will always have a place of honor on the top shelf of my library.

    8. I really liked this book. I like that the main character is a young woman. I like that it's focused on cultural exchange rather than hard science. The book certainly has enough action, but it's very much focused on big questions: What happens when two species with different, and to a certain extent mutually exclusive, cultural norms come into contact? How far would you go to preserve peace? What would you give up to boldly go and explore the final frontier? This is the first of the series, and I [...]

    9. I really enjoyed the start of this series. I had read the author's Han Solo trilogy some years back and thought it was great. This proved to be just as quality as those books. The books centers on a human girl Mahree and her journey with first contact with an alien species. It brings them into contact with much more than that and the need to solve a dispute between them in order to become members into a league of systems. The characters are well developed and the story keeps your grip throughout [...]

    10. A story of love, friendship, space adventure, first contact, and maybe coming of age. I had no idea what to expect when I found this book but I find myself pretty pleased with it.

    11. One of the best first contact stories I ever read, Starbridge is timeless. Both a YA coming of age tale of a young woman traveling on her uncle's starship amongst the stars, a romance, and a story of humans encountering new alien life forms, the story works as well today as it did when it was first written and published 20 years ago. Mahree is on her way to study on Earth, after growing up on a colony planet, when her uncle's ship encounters a message from possible alien life. An investigation l [...]

    12. My ratings should be the only review of books from me showing on . They are my unincentivized, unconnected consumer product opinions. The star rating reflects solely my subjective reading experience and resulting opinion of the book according to the rating scale used by . It's not intended to destroy anyone's livelihood nor to churn out book promotions for them — just my opinion/reaction shared with other readers and a means to track my reading, provide book comparison data and aid in book rec [...]

    13. This book is amazing on so many levels! Mahree is one of my favorite female protagonists in a long time. She's confident, intelligent, and still shows some flaws. She knows herself well enough to (view spoiler)[ turn down a marriage proposal because she feels she is too young to make that kind of commitment at 16 years old.(hide spoiler)]What excited me most was that there are actually asexual characters. One alien race is a kind of sentient fungus that can communicate telepathically. They are v [...]

    14. A step back in time, the book originally published in 1989 or there about. It dates itself using "cassettes" for the trade and use of information. However, it was still an enjoyable read. In my own opinion, the romance between Mahree and Rob is a bit far on the mature side for Mahree's age of sixteen - to start with. It's awkward. Also, Mahree's response to the obstacles and situations in which they were subjected felt wise beyond her years.The story finds strength in the details of relationship [...]

    15. First off, I have to publicly shame the cover artist. Mahree's hair is described several times as long, thick, and dark brown, not the Epic Perm Out of Space. I know this book was published in 1989, but that's no excuse!Other than wincing at the cover every time I looked at it, I enjoyed the book. Yay for first contact with alien species! Yay (in a sad way) for granting that some people are just going to immediately retreat into panicked xenophobia and you will have to deal with them! And YAY A [...]

    16. Catching up on blogs at the end of August, I found that a writer I like had posted about a series I couldn't remember but had been trying to find for years! I repeatedly checked it out from the library growing up, but I'd somehow managed to gradually forget everything but the cover and some general plot elements. Over the years I'd posted in livejournal, abebooks & countless other forums attempting to find this piece of childhood. Overjoyed doesn't even begin to cover my reaction at finally [...]

    17. This is a great SF book. It delves into earths "first contact" with an alien race and the consequences of what happens when things go dreadfully wrong. No, it is not a martians taking over earth novel. Far from it. More along the lines of dealing with prejudices and fear of change and how we have to work to overcome them. I have read this book several time and its sequal Silent Dances which I absolutely love. Crispin is able to develop her characters to the level that you laugh and cry with them [...]

    18. Where has this been all my life? Reminds me a bit of Decision at Doona and The Pride of Chanur, but with a wonderfully complex world all its own. I love the way that Mahree and Dhrrrk try to work together and learn from each other, and even more so I love meeting all the other aliens! We're not alone in the universe, but that doesn't mean we have to fight with everyone. Diplomacy and understanding can win out, even after unintended conflict. I'm hoping that the rest of the books in the series ha [...]

    19. It wasn't particularly bad but I can't think of anything that would make me want to read the other books in the series. Ms. Crispin might have known how to write a naive young adult love-story but it is clear she (at the time of writing this book) either knew very little about science or went to great lengths to avoid having to explain 'how stuff works'. The result is an unremarkable story, that might appeal to some young people simply because the main character is a young girl who falls in love [...]

    20. I must have read this book three or four times when I was a teen, and then spent the next few years hunting through used bookstores for the rest of the series. I'm so pleased that the author has released them in E-books so I can read the all again.This is classic optimistic better future sci fi, of the kind that made me love the genre when I was a kid. The characters feel real, and the heroine who is sixteen at the start of the series acts like a sixteen year old, but is still smart, bull-headed [...]

    21. I recently read Divergent by Veronica Roth and the are similarities between it and Starbridge. Both have a heroin who is about 17 years old and who have a "crush" on an older man, but that is where the similarities end. Divergent was a fast paced adventure story and a very modern book written less than 5 years ago. Starbridge, although not dated in content, felt as if it had been written in the 50s instead of the late 80s. I really didn't like it. The plot just didn't grab me. There was much tha [...]

    22. Unfortunately I learned about AC Crispin because of her death. People spoke highly of her work on Star Trek novels, but expanded universe stuff never interested me much. Instead I opted to check out Starbridge. Now, clearly it wasn't aimed at my demographic, but instead towards young women. I applaud her efforts, but naturally because of this it was harder for me personally to connect with it. Regardless, it is an interesting first contact tale. The romantic angles felt a bit silly, then target [...]

    23. If Heinlein or Asimov had been brought to the future, schooled deeply in feminist theory, and told to write an adventure story, I doubt it would have differed from this. The prose is almost identical to classic sci-fi style, complete with purple prose and no showing without outright telling - but the characters are much more rounded, the women actually interesting, and the plot thrilling. It's a bit of a slow starter, but once you get into this book is a wonderful romp through old-fashioned sci [...]

    24. I can remember bypassing the distinctive book cover of Starbridge in every paperback spinner rack in nearly every library I've visited (which is a lot) but it wasn't until the passing of AC Crispin that I decided to give it a read, because of the many, many glowing reviews in the comment section of her obituary. I thoroughly enjoyed this book as an adult but I would have LOVED it as a kid. I think it would have changed the entire trajectory of my love of genre.Godspeed, Ms. Crispin.

    25. I was so happy to find this book in an e-book edition. My paperback copy is worn and tattered and almost too fragile to handle any longer. It was like finding that a fragile friend had been miraculously cured and was able to join the world again. What a joy!! Thank you so much Ms Crispin for the new format. I hope this series enjoys a renewed life in a new form. A. C. Crispin

    26. It's been many, many years, and I only picked this up for a re-read after hearing of Crispin's death. I expected it to have aged very badly. It has aged. Not badly. I loved it. The aliens were great, the naive romance was charming, and the endless adventures had not faded at all. Now I'm going to have to read the rest of them, and I don't mind even a little!

    27. Very fun YA first contact story. Genuinely funny in places and while it's closer to an old fashioned SF juvenile than a serious look at the subject it is still worth a go. If you can tolerate it being fairly science light, the only downside is that there's a huge age gap between the romantic interest and the protagonist but in context it just avoids being actually sketchy.

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