The Long Hello

The Long Hello A stirring memoir of a daughter caring for a mother with dementia that is sure to become a touchstone for many others The Long Hello explores the emotional rewards and challenges that Cathie Borrie ex

  • Title: The Long Hello
  • Author: Cathie Borrie
  • ISBN: 9781476792514
  • Page: 297
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A stirring memoir of a daughter caring for a mother with dementia that is sure to become a touchstone for many others.The Long Hello explores the emotional rewards and challenges that Cathie Borrie experienced in caring for her mother, who was living with Alzheimer s disease, for seven years Between the two, a wondrously poetic dialogue develops, which Ms Borrie furtherA stirring memoir of a daughter caring for a mother with dementia that is sure to become a touchstone for many others.The Long Hello explores the emotional rewards and challenges that Cathie Borrie experienced in caring for her mother, who was living with Alzheimer s disease, for seven years Between the two, a wondrously poetic dialogue develops, which Ms Borrie further illuminates with childhood memories of her family, and her struggle to maintain a life outside her caregiving responsibilities The Long Hello demonstrates how caregiving creates an opportunity to experience the change in a relationship that illness necessitates, one in which joy, innocence, and profound intimacy can flourish.Written in spare, beautiful prose, largely in the form of a dialogue, The Long Hello exquisitely captures the intricacies and nuances of a daughter s relationship with her mother See at booksmonandschuster LongAdditional Info In this shimmering jewel of a memoir, The Long Hello The Other Side of Alzheimer s, author Cathie Borrie traverses rich terrain as she unearths the hidden and often painful treasures of a life well lived the shadows and joys of childhood, the relationships that leave us both illuminated and bereft, the love, longing and loss that surge to the fore when a parent is ailing Memory, and the losing of it, serves as a powerful guide, and Borrie follows her mother s eccentric and poetic lead into the past, transformed by the unexpected brilliance of the elder woman s shifting dementia mind A paean of redemptive beauty, The Long Hello cherishes the bond between mothers and daughters, and creates a startling change in society s perception of those journeying through Alzheimer s.

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      NEWS the long hello USA release date April 19th, 2016 with ARCADE PUBLISHING SKYHORSE CBC Broadcaster extraordinaire, GRANT LAWRENCE chooses THE LONG HELLO as one of the BEST books of 2015, by local authors westender news issues SIMON SCHUSTER CANADA, January, 2015A powerful, ground shifting account of caring for a parent with Alzheimer s about which Maya Angelou exclaimed, Joy Since Cathie Borrie delivered her keynote performance at the World Alzheimer s Day event sponsored by the Community and Access Programs of the Museum of Modern Art, her self published manuscript has won rapturous praise from noted writers and Alzheimer s experts alike, from Maya Angelou, Lisa Genova, and Molly Peacock to Dr Bill Thomas, Jed A Levine of the Alzheimer s Association, NYC, and Meryl Comer of the Geoffrey Beene Foundation Alzheimer s Initiative Now it is available to the general public for the first time in a trade edition.The Long Hello distills the seven years the author spent caring for her mother into a page turning memoir that offers insight into the altering world of the dementia mind During that time, Borrie recorded brief conversations she had with her mother that revealed the transformations within and sometimes yielded an almost Zenlike poetry She includes selections from them in chapters about her experience that are as evocative as diary entries Her mother was the emotional pillar and sometime breadwinner in a home touched by a birth father s alcoholism, a brother s early death, divorce, and a stepfather s remoteness In Borrie s spare prose, her mother s story becomes a family s story as well a deeply loving portrait that embraces life.Written in spare, beautiful prose, largely in the form of a dialogue, The Long Hello exquisitely captures the intricacies and nuances of a daughter s relationship with her mother See at arcadepub book GCOI 5Born in Vancouver, Cathie has had an extensive and diverse working life which includes careers in health, law and business Most recently, she obtained a Certificate in Creative Writing from Simon Fraser University Beginning as a nurse, she went on to attain a Masters of Public Health from Johns Hopkins University, graduated from Law School at the University of Saskatchewan Currently she is the writer, artistic director, and one of the performers of concerts based on text from THE LONG HELLO, which includes a musician Excerpts from her book, The Long Hello, have been shortlisted three times in the CBC Literary Awards In 2010, Cathie was invited to speak and launch her books at MoMA in NYC for World Alzheimer s Day The Long Hello is a lyrical memoir which reads like fiction and appeals to a wide ranging audience interested in the universal themes of love, family, and memory their twists and turns.Cathie and award winning playwright and director, James Fagan Tait have adapted The Long Hello for the stage.


    1. "The Long Hello is a memoir about caring for a mother with Alzheimer's that will pierce and heal the heart." -- Lisa Genova, Author of Still Alice

    2. Stars: 2.5 My younger sister died five months ago today from ovarian cancer at the age of 48 so it’s quite possible that I’m just not in the right frame of mood to be reading and reviewing a memoir about a woman who spent seven years caring for her mother before she died from Alzheimer’s in her late 80’s. Nonetheless, the good people at Simon & Schuster enticed me into reading The Long Hello: Memory, My Mother, and Me by Cathie Borrie by using these paragraphs to describe it:“It ex [...]

    3. I feel inadequate to the task of reviewing Borrie's book. It's intense, beautiful, insightful, spiritual and profound. She describes the space of seven years of caregiving for her mother Jo who has a mixed diagnosis of Parkinson's and Alzheimer's. During that time, Borrie did much more than provide physical caregiving. She made efforts to connect with her mother on shifting ground and through the complexities of their tension-filled relationships. Borrie's book also shows how our memories affect [...]

    4. Appeared in the Winnipeg Free PressJanuary 10, 2015How do you take care of your mother as dementia tightens its grip? What helps you cope when you remember clearly, but she does not? And where has she gone, this mother you remember and who used to remember so much about you?A nurse, lawyer, writer and public speaker on Alzheimer's disease, Cathie Borrie struggled with these questions and more as a caregiver to her mother Jo. Thoughtfully written and deftly composed, The Long Hello: Memory, My Mo [...]

    5. I'm sorry it did not work for me. There is something touching in the pieces the book wants to put together, but the result is not there. I wish the author would have used her talent to connect all those shattered pieces. Her mother has Alzheimer's and it is awful, though touching at the same time. People end up talking like little kids, with the same cuteness. But it does not hold a book together.The author uses her childhood's memories to give an idea of her mother before and to speak of her br [...]

    6. I bought this book from Cathie herself, got it signed and everything! Then it sat on my dresser for a few monthsI think I was afraid to read it because my grandfather had Alzheimers and my mother is turning 80 this year, and I just couldn't face it.BUT, I finally got to it a few weekends ago and couldn't put it down. It's lyrical and poetic, and stark and sparse and raw and exactly what it needs to be to convey the authors experience. In such a delicate way, in only a few lines actually, she rev [...]

    7. Thoroughly enjoyed reading this book about the relationship between mother and daughter, their back stories and how they got along put into conversations and thoughts. Discusses how she cared for her mother who had Alzheimer's. Easy read.

    8. I loved this book. The story is both sweeping and wonderfully detailed, joyful and sad and bittersweet, and the author's love of and closeness to her mother shines through everything. The audio narration, by the author as herself and Jill (Eikenberry) Tucker as her mother, is the icing on top of a delicious, rich cake.

    9. What it must be likeThis is how I would imagine life to be like taking care of a parent who is fading away. Some of her descriptions in the book are brillianther use of words in the descriptions is clever and so spot on.

    10. Having recently lost my mom to cancer, this book was a bittersweet reminder of losing a loved one and the memories that never fade.

    11. This book and I did not bond. Too disjointed, too sparse, I didn't get the depth of , what likely was, the situation.

    12. Poignant yet humorous retell of a grown child taking care of an aged parent. Frightening as I am slowly becoming the aged parent and do not want to be a child to my child.

    13. Cathie Borrie's poetic, lyrical voice mixed with quotidian detail and dark humor makes The Long Hello a refreshingly readable book about a tough subject. I couldn't put it down.

    14. The Long Hello: Memory, My Mother, and MeThis is a beautifully written, heart-breaking book. The author became her mother's main caregiver for seven years while the latter suffered with Alzheimer's disease. In spare, poetic language, much is revealed about the restless daughter, obviously bright and with a fistful of advanced degrees (nursing, health administration, law) and passionate interests (dance, writing, travel), the tragic childhood loss of her only sibling, an alcoholic father who is a [...]

    15. I received an Advanced Reader's Copy of this book through First Read program, so I thought I would share my thoughts (which were not required as a condition of receiving the book.) Right off the bat I knew that I was going to like this book simply from the way that it was layed out. Instead of putting the whole thing in chapters the author wrote almost in like journal entry forms it felt like. Considering the nature of this book that was the best way to do it and it helped me connect with every [...]

    16. I'm uncomfortable rating a book so obviously forged out of pain. The Long Hello is a sort of poetic portrait of the author's time caring for an elderly mother with Alzheimer's Disease. It is also an exploration of the pain of the past--the loss of a beloved thirteen-year-old brother to violence, a biological father to alcoholism, the author's mother's remarriage to a successful businessman 22 years her senior, and the author's girlhood banishment to a boarding school only minutes away from her m [...]

    17. I received this novel for free through . Borrie's novel is concise and very easy to read through. I do not mean to imply, however, that the novel is at all juvenile or unassuming. Borrie tells the story of her final conversations with her ailing mother, who suffered from Alzheimer's, interspersed with anecdotes from her childhood. The story is very fragmented, and the plot often jumps back and forth through time, telling a story from Borrie’s childhood quickly cutting to Borrie as an adult, wi [...]

    18. I won an advance copy of The long Hello via a giveaway on . Thank you very much.I wanted to read this book because having cared for a decade for both my parents who suffered from dementia I wanted to see what it was like for other people. This book is a memoir of the author’s childhood interspersed with transcribed conversations between the author and her ailing mother. The childhood memories are lyrical and touching, often sad. It is also a search for what went wrong and explanations about ev [...]

    19. I received an ARC through first reads. This book is the writer's share on taking care of her mother, suffering from Alzheimer's, over a 6 year period. Written in diary form the author weaves in and out of painful childhood memories, the losses of loved ones throughout her life, and the emotional struggle of watching her mothers mind deteriorate. From the pages we get to know a woman who has lost everyone she loves, never quite finds her niche in life, and while it's clear the family has money s [...]

    20. Review by one of Wordfest dedicated volunteer readers: Kelsey AttardTold in a series of lyrical snapshots, Borrie relates her experience of caring for her mother during her mother’s seven-year decline, while interweaving flashbacks of her own childhood and history with her mother. She is also able to convey her own struggle to be a person herself, to have a life of her own, while devoting so much time to providing care to her mother. It makes for a beautifully written, unconventional approach [...]

    21. I had high hopes for this book as it dealt with a daughter caring for her mother who had Alzheimer's Disease. The reviews were wonderful and it was described as Joyful! It sounded like something I needed, as I am caring for my husband in the early stages of the same disease. I did end up finishing it, as it was quick to read, but almost put it down many times. I totally agree with one review that said it wasn't a good thing to read if you were actually a caregiver. I suppose the closeness that t [...]

    22. I received a hard cover copy of Cathie Borrie's "The Long Hello" compliments of the Firstreads giveaway program and appreciated the opportunity.Cathy Borrie's experience in caring for her mother who has Alzheimer's disease is shared poetically and with raw honesty. It is not fair for me to place a rating on her story, it is her's, not for anyone else to judge. I enjoyed her writing style, the conversations that she had with her mother, the loving bond that they held to the untimely end. The gri [...]

    23. Ebullient, feisty, vulnerable, and dumbstruck by the circumstances of her life, Cathie Borrie uses the magic lens of her mother’s Alzheimer’s disease to examine her role of dutiful daughter. With her theatrical sense of timing, her training as a nurse and her skill as a poet, Borrie writes a page-turner memoir of a whole family in The Long Hello: her brother’s tragic early death, her birth father’s alcoholism, her stepfather’s money and sense of duty, her mother’s lust for a life of [...]

    24. Part story; part lyric prose. I read it in 2 1/2 days. Got angry when she mentioned her mother having Parkinson's and Alzheimer's because Parkinson's can give dementia in itself. Cathy had this booked planned before her mother's death, tape their conversations and her Mum talked way more than mine can now. I enjoyed hearing about boarding school, likely York House, where my step mother went. There are numerous, sad, pivotal events that felt like islands, pauses throughout. Cathy is talented and [...]

    25. Well done! Gut wrenching and poignant. Appreciated it being written from the mindset of both mother and daughter to experience the emotional process of both. As a caretaker of multiple family that are disabled, I resonated with many emotions felt by the author, the weariness and helplessness as well of not being able to change what simply is. I was impressed and touched by the patience shown toward her mother when she would say something that didn't make sense, and did not belittle her for it, k [...]

    26. Unearthing buried treasures!, November 2, 2010Wounds not quite healed, humanity revealed, the longing, the joy, the pain, anddoubt. Guilt without crime borne of helplessness, the unknown. Solace in thecompany of strangers, a wish undefined, fetal twisting, heavy fragrant woolblanket, darkness, damp pillows and chocolate. Cathie Borrie's work- poignantand poetic (had to use that) inspires, paints wrenching emotional portraits,unearths buried treasures, and quietly embraces me and countless others [...]

    27. If you are expecting a dry chronicle of someone living with a family member with dementia, you will be very pleasantly surprised when that description fits Cathie Borrie's book in only its most skeletal sense. The flesh on these bones is rich and evocative, and instead of a stark, arid account, we are drawn in by the airiness and humour and, most of all, the humanity of this poetic memoir. A tribute to not one but two lives, the sheer bond between a mother and daughter is movingly portrayed with [...]

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