A Dog on His Own

A Dog on His Own A funny and moving middle grade novel for dog lovers by popular author Mary Jane Auch Other dogs are K s But K is a cut above other dogs and his mother gave hime the name to prove it when he was

  • Title: A Dog on His Own
  • Author: Mary Jane Auch
  • ISBN: 9780823420889
  • Page: 481
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A funny and moving middle grade novel for dog lovers by popular author Mary Jane Auch Other dogs are K 9s But K 10 is a cut above other dogs, and his mother gave hime the name to prove it when he was a puppy Now K 10 is grown up and all on his own, because K 10 doesn t need friends canine or human He spends his time running away from owners and doing time in dog sheltA funny and moving middle grade novel for dog lovers by popular author Mary Jane Auch Other dogs are K 9s But K 10 is a cut above other dogs, and his mother gave hime the name to prove it when he was a puppy Now K 10 is grown up and all on his own, because K 10 doesn t need friends canine or human He spends his time running away from owners and doing time in dog shelters, and that s just fine with him But after K 10 escapes from a shelter with some other dogs, everything changes These new dogs aren t so easy to forget, and all they can bark about is finding old and new owners Will K 10 go back to being a loner, or can this not so old dog learn a new trick friendship

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    1. Mary Jane Auch

      Mary Jane Auch also writes as MJ Auch.The thought of becoming a writer never occurred to MJ Auch as a child Her only literary efforts in those days were the plays which she and her girlfriend, Noreen, wrote for their marionettes They produced these extravaganzas in Noreen s garage and organized the neighborhood boys into a sales force to sell tickets and refreshments.Summer visits to both of MJ s grandmothers led to her fascination with chickens One grandmother had a small backyard flock and the other grandmother and two bachelor uncles had a large farm that supplied eggs to half of Long Island MJ learned that a flock of chickens had almost the same range of personalities that could be found in a classroom, from the quiet, shy chicken to the big bully.MJ loved books and read constantly She wrote stories, drawn in comic book style with speech balloons for the dialog Her interest in drawing continued through high school, and she went on to become an art major at Skid College After graduation, MJ headed for New York City to seek fame and fortune, but after a year of designing prints for men s pajamas, she decided she wanted to do something meaningful with her life She enrolled in the Occupational Therapy program at Columbia University, which led to some wonderful years of working in a children s hospital near Hartford, Connecticut.On a brief stop home to visit her parents before transferring to a new job in Denver, she met Herm Auch, a graphic artist and editorial cartoonist for the Rochester newspaper It was love at first sight, and MJ never made it to Denver They were married in 1967 and within a few years had produced a daughter, Katrin and a son, Ian They moved from the city to a small farm, complete with chickens, ducks, and geese Armed with a huge collection of Mother Earth News and absolutely no practical experience, they tackled farm life with gusto, gaining much comedy material for books MJ s future books.As the children grew older, MJ began to look for work in her original field of art Like Jenna s mother in Mom Is Dating Weird Wayne, she had a brief stint as a zit zapper at a school picture factory Then she started illustrating for Pennywhistle Press, a national children s newspaper, and this sparked her interest in illustrating children s books.In the summer of 1984, MJ took a week long children s writing conference on Cape Cod She tried to write a picture book manuscript to take to the conference, but instead found herself writing a middle grade novel When her instructor, Natalie Babbitt, told of starting out as an artist and finding she could paint better pictures with words, something clicked MJ finally knew that she wanted to a writer.She started sending manuscripts to publishers, writing four full length novels before she sold the first one Then she sold a second book to another publisher that same week It had taken two years and thirteen rejections, but MJ had finally reached her goal mShe continued writing books for older kids and abandoned her dream of illustrating for a while Then, after nine books, she wrote and illustrated The Easter Egg Farm This set in motion a series of picture books featuring poultry involved in the arts.The Auchs have now become a family of artists Their children are grown and pursuing art careers of their own Kat, a graphic artist, is now working as Associate Art Director for Scrapbook Answers Magazine in San Francisco Ian has been a graphic artist and 3 D animator and is now Assistant New Media Editor for the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle newspaper Ian is also a metal artist and created the chicken sized beauty parlor chair for b Beauty and the Beaks 1918127 Beaut


    1. K-10 is a dog on the run. He likes his freedom and does not want to be adopted by a family. After he gets captured then escapes from a shelter, he befriends a dog named Pearl. As the friendship between K-10 and Pearl grows, things start to change. K-10 starts to think that having a family may not be a bad thing, after all.

    2. This is a good book for anyone 8 years or older, who love to read about dogs. I found it to be fun to read, however the present tense format, in which it is told, took a little getting used to as not too many books are written this way.When I first started reading this book, I felt sure that it would only receive a two star rating from me as I really disliked the dog's attitude. However I began enjoying it by the time K10 is in the shelter and really began liking it once he escapes the shelter a [...]

    3. For any young dog lover A DOG ON HIS OWN is a great choice. The main character is K-10, a stray dog who is captured and placed in an animal shelter as we begin his story. His mother named him K-10 because most dogs are K-9 (canine) and he is a step above the rest.K-10 has had six different owners and he no longer trusts humans; they are always disappointing him. He has decided he prefers the freedom of being loose on the streets without depending on anyone else--human or canine.K-10 meets other [...]

    4. It’s about a dog and how he is put in a shelter six times. One day he broke free and he was on the street for a while. K10 was on the street with his two friends Peppy and Pearl. One day Peppy, Pearl, and K10 got stuck on a tree. His other friend Tucker got his owner and shows them Tuckers owner. Then Tuckers owner unhooked all the leashes. As soon as he unhooks all the leashes Pearl takes off. 1.5 weeks later K-10 gets injured by a truck. He is being helped until he is with Pearl on the way t [...]

    5. A dog who has no need for a home, K-10 (instead of K-9 because his mother said he was a notch above the rest) prefers freedom over an owner and home. Sounds like an interesting premise for a story. Unfortunately, K-10 is more arrogant than likable. And not as bright as his name implies. The real heroes in this dog story (and the reason I gave it 3 stars) are Tucker, Peppy and Pearl who K-10 meets at the pound and help him discover that friendship is more valuable than freedom.

    6. Cute story told from a dog's perspective. Love how the dogs leave each other notes through pee-mail! Loveable characters aside from the mean Adolf and Rotter. I highly recommend the audiobook version so you can hear the voices and accents! The narrator does a great job with the cast of dog characters.

    7. A fun, fast read that leaves you with that "ahhhh!" feeling. You know the one.where you close your book with that big sigh, grateful that you took the time to read it? I loved the dogs, and I loved the way this book shows howeople treat their animalsa lesson, but not preachy. Will definitely recommend to my younger friends.

    8. i like this book because it involves with dogs and the dogs that are in this book are cute. i also love it because i love books that deal with animals eather farm or just cats or dogs. the dog that is the mane character is holarious he has a finominal past and he just keeps on going and wount stop. i prefer people who love animals should read this book.

    9. This was a very cute book. My eight-year-old dog-loving daughter loved it and insisted that I read it too. It had a lot of action and some very good lessons for kids this age (true friendship vs. being used by others, the importance of taking care of your pets properly and that it's better to form solid friendships in life rather than trying to go it alone). Highly recommended!

    10. Surprisingly cute considering that the writing isn't very strong. The story moves at a good clip and should appeal to reluctant readers. It's a Maud Hart Lovelace Award nominee this year, so I'll be doing it with my elementary book club next month.

    11. A cute and clever story about a dog without a family. Mary Jane Auch must be a dog person because this book is chock full of doggy nuance. I especially liked the idea of "pee mail" -scented messages that the dogs leave for each other.

    12. I enjoyed the references to dog language like when K-10 "surrenders". While this is not the best dog story I have read it is still worthy for those students who have read every dog story in your library!

    13. We listened to this bit by bit during my weekly turn at swim team carpool. All the kids, aged 5-10, really enjoyed listening to the dog K-10's capers from his first person, present-tense point of view.

    14. The Bud (age 7) and I loved listening to the audio version of this.I always have some gifted early grade (K-2) readers who are reading way above grade level - this would be a great content appropriate book to give them.

    15. Good third grade read aloud. Boys will enjoy this adventure storyg perspective/point of view, read aloud if you can do the different voices of the dogs, bullying discussions could come from this story, there is pee mail and dog poop, younger audience book

    16. I didn't love this book (although it was pleasant), but the 4th graders in my elementary school book club really did. So I'd recommend highly for children who love dogs. The reading is pretty easy for upper elementary age children.

    17. I liked the book a lot it was sad in lots of parts but it had a good ending. If you like dogs and edvenchers you will like it.

    18. what a cute story. She hit the dog right on the head with what they are thinking. I swear if my dog could talk.Loved the Pee Mail and personalities of each dog. Very Cute.

    19. This is a cute story given from the dog's point of view. I think a dog activist wrote it though. *rolls eyes* My 6 year old son liked listening to it.

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