Haunted Spouse

Haunted Spouse A man a woman and a haunted house Normally architect Jared Rutledge wouldn t be caught dead designing a haunted house He considered them frivolous structures But then he was asked to build one to r

  • Title: Haunted Spouse
  • Author: Heather Allison
  • ISBN: 9780373032846
  • Page: 365
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • A man, a woman, and a haunted house.Normally, architect Jared Rutledge wouldn t be caught dead designing a haunted house He considered them frivolous structures But then he was asked to build one to raise funds for a physical rehabilitation clinic, and he agreed to do it After all, how hard could it be Before long, he realized that building a haunted house could be anA man, a woman, and a haunted house.Normally, architect Jared Rutledge wouldn t be caught dead designing a haunted house He considered them frivolous structures But then he was asked to build one to raise funds for a physical rehabilitation clinic, and he agreed to do it After all, how hard could it be Before long, he realized that building a haunted house could be an absolute nightmare And when things started to go wrong, Jared was forced to ask for help That meant calling the Scream Queen, Lizzie Wilcox, a renowned haunted house designer who just happened to be his ex wife

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      Heather W MacAllister lives in Texas and is married to her high school sweetheart Following the instructions in How to Get a Teen Age Boy, and What to Do with Him When You Get Him by Ellen Peck, one of her all time favorite books, she expressed an interest in his hobby ham radio He challenged her learn Morse code and get her license, and he d take her to the senior prom She did, and currently sports her call sign, WB5RMA, on her car license plate.Heather became addicted to romance novels in college, yet still managed to graduate and become a music teacher And then her sons were born Within seven months, nine baby sitters quit, so she took pity on the childcare industry, quit teaching, and began avoiding housework by writing during her sons nap time.Before she was published, Heather won the Romance Writer s of America Golden Heart Award She published as Heather Allison and as Heather MacAllister Her published novels have been nominated for the RWA RITA award three times, and eHarlequin readers voted LONE STAR SANTA favorite Laugh Out Loud book of 2006 In addition to awards for best Harlequin Romance and best Harlequin Temptation, Romantic Times Book Reviews has twice nominated Heather for a Career Achievement Award in Series Love and Laughter She has published over 40 books with Harlequin Her award winning romantic comedies have been translated into 25 languages and published in dozens of countries.When she s not writing, Heather spends her time collecting vintage jewelry, watching fireworks displays, and killing plants.


    1. before reading this book:ok, i pretty much HAVE to read this. i have not heard a more hilarious premise for a romance novel since Hand In Glove. "goddammit - i am being asked to construct a haunted house, but i hate haunted houses. i know!! my ex-wife!! she designs haunted houses for a living!!! WHAT ARE THE ODDS?????"i neeeed this!after reading this book:ugggh - no i didn't need this. this was not a good book. i don't know how i could have been so fooled! a haunted-house construction plot, a co [...]

    2. A man, a woman, and a haunted houseNormally, architect Jared Rutledge wouldn't be caught dead designing a haunted house-he considered them "frivolous structures." But then he was asked to build one to raise funds for a physical rehabilitation clinic, and he agreed to do it. After all, how hard could it be?Before long, he realized that building a haunted house could be an absolute nightmare. And when things started to do wrong, Jared was forced to ask for help. That meant calling the Scream Queen [...]

    3. :: 4 Stars :: When I picked up this book (I got it when it was a freebie) I was looking for a fun, holiday read for the month of October. Seeing some mixed reviews I wasn’t sure if I would like it or not. But, I found myself pleasantly surprised. The plot has me hooked from the first page. When introduced to Lizzie, I found her to be charming. She has a deep love for Halloween, designs haunted houses for a living, and is pretty happy considering she has been single ever since she became divorc [...]

    4. Wow. The "hero" is a jerk with zero redeeming qualities. I thought this book would be silly fun (an architect who designs haunted houses!), but it was horrible.This book is free on Kindle right now. Do not be fooled by the cover, which is a blatant attempt to jump on the paranormal bandwagon. This is a standard romance from the early 90s.

    5. I enjoyed the details involved in the building of haunted houses and the process fascinated me but the most important part of the story, the characters, were flat. Until this book I don't think I have ever read a "romance" where I didn't want the two main characters to end up together. I spent the whole book waiting for the heroine to meet the real guy she should end up with. I think their relationship is doomed to fail for the second time since they still don't seem to know how to treat eachoth [...]

    6. Jared is a such a jerk and never gets any better. I did not want the couple to end up together. Lizzie could do better than him. Wow!

    7. This is an angsty book about two ex-spouses working together to open a haunted house before Halloween. I liked how this boook gave you a quick peek of the hero’s point of view, and not just the heroine’s POV all the way. As jerks go, the ex-husband Jared isn’t any worse than the typical heroes in HP Lynne Graham, Charlotte Lamb or Sharon Kendrick books. I think his major flaw -- his disdain for her work -- stems from his preconceived notion of what a successful architect is. He truly belie [...]

    8. Wasn't a fan of this one. I didn't like Lizzie at all. She seemed too immature or childlike at times. And how in the hell did she 're-fall in love' with Jared? I mean he had no redeeming qualities whatsoever. Not counting supposed good looks. There was nothing. He was constantly talking down to her the whole time, making fun of her appearance and her career. Lizzie talks about how when they were married and Jared never stood up for her when it came to his mother and Helen. Still wasn't doing tha [...]

    9. Lizzie is an architect that designs her favorite thing, Haunted Houses. Its that time of the year where she is in really high demand, and her entire schedule is filled to the brim. She is really surprised one day when she receives a call from Jared Rutledge, an architect that designs really classy establishments. He is creating a Haunted House to gain funds for a physical therapy center and really needs her help. Though her schedule is really full, she can't help want to do the job to prove that [...]

    10. I got this book free and I thought is would b a nice Halloween mystery. I do not blame this on the writer because: #1: I am not a romance reader.#2. This is NOT a mystery.The author is not a bad writer. I am the wrong customer. That saidI almost finished it on a 7-hr car trip from deep South Texas to D/FW. Gave up just after the Hill Country. Should have quit earlier, though. The story began on the wrong foot for me when the author claimed Houston as South Texas. (I am from South Texas.) It went [...]

    11. This is a coffee break book with very little depth to it. If you want a light and fluffy book then this is the one for you.There are some funny parts to it but on the whole it was quite predictable - I think the most unpredictable part to begin with was that Lizzie literally dropped EVERYTHING to go to her ex-husband's beck and call. But that was only unpredictable the first time. After that, it was pretty much a given that if he crooked his finger, she would go running.The premise was quite goo [...]

    12. I really enjoyed this book, it was a short read about a couple who had split up who are now working together to build a haunted house for charity. Haunted houses being the very reason they split in the 1st place. Jarrod thinks that Lizzies work as a haunted house designer is frivolous and she should put her talent to work creating something worth while. Now he needs her help to make his charity creation a success.

    13. What a charming romance! Lizzie's ex husband has never respected her profession, but when he runs into trouble designing a haunted house for charity, he's forced to call his ex. Lizzie's made a name for herself as the best haunted house designer around, but she's an amateur when it comes to seeing Jared again. This is a sweet, easy read that all HEA fans will adore.

    14. Fun story about architects who are always at odds. Divorced Lizzie and Jared had problems with their firm. Lizzie designed haunted houses; Jared was much more conservative. Three years after the divorce Jared needs help with a haunted house he is building for charity. Who else can he call for help but Lizzie?

    15. I just got this book and finished it in one day! It's very intriguing and really fun to read.I love the romance and the suspense, I think the setting of Haunted Houses is the perfect book for this time of year! Great book!Brandi Gillilan

    16. This was a cute little cheesey romance. I usually don't choose these kinds of books but this one was a fun quick read.And I NEVER would've read it if it had those horrible covers from the original release of the book!!! Eeeeek!

    17. Something mindless to read on Thanksgiving night. Lizzie designs haunted houses. Her ex, Jared, needs her help to raise money for a rehab center by building a haunted house. A rehash of their marriage, the emergence of a new fiancee and a nonscary haunted house. OK read. 2 stars

    18. The premise sounded like fun & I did enjoy the heroine & her very unique profession -- an architect who specializes in haunted houses. However, the hero was mostly a jerk & I kept hoping the real hero would pop in the story & steal the heroine from Jared.

    19. This was one of those books that i randomly pulled off my parents' book shelf, not expecting it to be that great. But i really liked it! Very romantic and sweet.

    20. lost count after the fourth eye roll. Hate to admit it, but I agree with the husband on her lack of career ambition and wasted education.

    21. This was a cute clean story. I thought it was a paranormal romance but it is a contemporary romance. That's what I get for reading a book by the title!

    22. The whole book I was rooting for her to get away from him. He was controlling and dismissive of her. How is that romantic?

    23. Cute halloween story about haunted houses and the building of them. This was a short story, but good, I enjoyed it.

    24. It was a cute romance. I believe any age could read this. I liked the concept of building haunted houses. It made for a different story.

    25. I liked this story. It was a simple story that was very cut and paste, but it was still an enjoyable read for me. A story that I can read quickly and any place I go.

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