Hog Eye A young pig uses her ability to read to outwit a wolf that intends to eat her

  • Title: Hog-Eye
  • Author: Susan Meddaugh
  • ISBN: 9780606142281
  • Page: 236
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A young pig uses her ability to read to outwit a wolf that intends to eat her.

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      236 Susan Meddaugh
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    1. Susan Meddaugh

      Susan Meddaugh was born and raised in Montclair, New Jersey She graduated from Wheaton College, where she studied French literature and fine arts After working briefly with an advertising agency in New York, she moved to Boston and worked at a publishing company for ten years, first as a designer, then art editor, and finally as art director While there, she did the illustrations for GOOD STONES Houghton Mifflin by Anne Epstein, and then decided to strike out on her own as a freelance illustrator and creator of children s books Since that time, Susan has written and illustrated many popular books for children, including MARTHA SPEAKS, which was chosen as a NEW YORK TIMES Best Illustrated Book for 1992 In 1998 she was awarded the New England Book Award, given by the New England Booksellers Association to recognize a body of work Her work also was acknowledged with a New York Times Best Illustrated Award She lives in Sherborn, Massachusetts from HMHBooksSusan Meddaugh, a New England Book Award Winner, adores Halloween and calls it THE major Holiday in her household, in part, she says because it s the only time in the year when you get to be someone else from Candlewick


    1. Susan Macaulay’s picture book about a family of pigs where one young hog on her way to school gets lost in route to school is another classic example of a child story where the pig outwits the bad wolf and escapes being on the dinner menu. Unlike the author’s other books where the character is identified with a name, the author leaves me wondering if the hog is a boy or girl until we read the second page. The hog leads us onto the bus where no kids are present and finds her destination getti [...]

    2. Hog-Eye by Susan Macaulay is a picture book that targets children in the primary age group. The book is a retelling of the three little pigs, where the hog tells her family an elaborate story of how she got kidnapped from a wolf who wanted to eat her in a soup. In the story, she talked to the wolf and got the wolf to go get the ingredients for the soup , She finally had the wolf get poison ivy where she told the wolf that she casted a spell on him to make him itchy and the wolf let her go. I wou [...]

    3. Hog-eye is a story told from the perspective of a young pig trying to justify missing school. The small storyteller weaves together a very predictable tale with a forest, and a wolf, and of course, the inevitable pot for pig stew. The word bubbles (containing reactions of pig family members) that surround the main text are more interesting to read than the story itself. The book attempts to humorously point out a positive of learning to read: you can trick your illiterate enemies. This may or ma [...]

    4. The Hog-Eye is a picture book written by Susan Meddaugh. This book tells a story about a little pig that her worried family that wanted to know why she missed the school. She started to tell them the true story about how she used her ability to read to outwit a wolf that tried to eat her. I like the story and I it a 4 stars because I think besides it is good and funny; it has a deep massage too. The author wants to inform children that they should lesson to their parents to avoid dangers in thei [...]

    5. I was not crazy about this book. Maybe because I am older and think more logically? To start the girl pig showed up late to the house and her family was waiting. She did not go to school and told an elborate story about taking the wrong bus and being kid napped by a wolf. The wolf was determined to make soup out of the piggy. Somehow she talked the wolf into getting into poison ivy so she could escape. The whole story just seemed like a lie to me. The story got more crazy as the story contiued o [...]

    6. Story about a young piglet whose family wants to know why she was missing from school all day. The story details what the piglet tells her family and the adventures she gets in with a wolf in the forest, that the reader may question whether or not the story is true. This story could be used for discussion with students about reliable and unreliable narrators. The story is cute and humorous, and dialogue bubbles and the illustrations add another level of comprehension to the text itself. The deta [...]

    7. HOG-EYE by Susan Meddaugh is a fantastic book! When I first started reading the story I thought to myself, "here we go woth another red riding hood story", but I was completely wrong. This book started of by the hog getting captured by a wolf and then the wolf wanted to make soup. Well I thought it was hilarious that the hog sent the wolf on a huge scavenger hunt to find the ingredients. Finally the hog cast a spell on the wolf making him all itchy and she promised to take the spell away if she [...]

    8. I thought that this book was okay. I was hoping this book would be exceptionally different from a lot of other books, but i found it to be not so original. Basically, a hog is kidnapped by a wolf, which to me is no different from plenty other story lines, and has to do her best to escape the wold so that she is able to remain alive. She is finally able to outwit the wold and get away safely and unharmed. One thing that i did really enjoy about this book were the illustrations. They definitely ad [...]

    9. Hog-Eye by Susan Meddaugh was a creative revision of the Little Red Riding Hood. It was a cute and funny book from start to finish. Throughout the story, the illustrations and dialogues from the piglets family members kept my attention. I found myself wanting to find out what happens next. I think this book would be great for children because its humorous and colorful.

    10. This is a story told by a pig explaining to her parents why she missed school. Of course it involves a pig-napping, a wolf and a pot of soup. There are some clever twists along the way that left the kids laughing - always a good sign.

    11. Fun story about how a pig who can read escapes from the soup pot of a wolf who can't."Hog-eye! Hog-eye! Magic stare!Make him itchy everywhere.On his nose and in his hair.Even in his underwear!"

    12. This book is hilarious! The pig in this book spends the majority of the story outsmarting a wolf that is trying to eat her. She tricks him over and over again, and it keeps the kids laughing and trying to guess what is going to happen next.

    13. A tale of a pig that outsmarts a fox by "reading" a recipe. Hog-Eye is a fanciful story that will make kids laugh. Not one of my favorite stories.

    14. LOVE this book. It's such a great bed-time story for kids because adults like it as much as the kids - kind of like William Steig. Go Susan Meddaugh! Don't forget to read her bio in the back!

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