Dalmatian in a Digger

Dalmatian in a Digger Dugger Dugger Digger What s that noise It s the booming sound of big construction vehicles and Little Dalmatian is determined to find out what they are building in this energetic picture book from Re

  • Title: Dalmatian in a Digger
  • Author: Rebecca Elliott
  • ISBN: 9781623708023
  • Page: 186
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Dugger Dugger Digger What s that noise It s the booming sound of big construction vehicles, and Little Dalmatian is determined to find out what they are building in this energetic picture book from Rebecca Elliott.

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      Rebecca Elliott is the author and illustrator of Just Because, Mr Super Poopy Pants, Sometimes, and Zoo Girl, for which she was nominated for the 2012 Kate Greenaway Medal.


    1. I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.This was a fun book, though I found it a bit repetitive, and the puppy a slight bit annoying. He kept getting in the way of the builders (in one case just turned up in front of a vehicle), and I was just shaking my head.I did love the little sounds that he hears, and that we then are told what makes that sound. There are various fun vehicles that are shown in the book, with at the end we are being told what they are all doing th [...]

    2. Yes, another picture book about animals doing construction work. But the art is appealing, and the sound making potential irresistible. There's room on the heavy machinery shelf for this one too--and if you need more space, the animals here could probably build you an extension.

    3. What a cute book for little ones who love machines. First the little dalmatian needs to figure out what is making the various noises. He then tells the reader what the machine is doing and then we get to see what the animals operating the machines makes when they all work together.The illustrations in this book are wonderful. They are vivid and so child friendly. There is a lot to look at and explore on each page and what fun parents and children will have making the noises that are in the book. [...]

    4. My preschooler enjoyed reading it, and smiled each time a new animal was introduced. The noises didn't always help identify the machinery in advance, but the cute result let us talk about who did what and about the various lifeforms on each page (including the worms).(Did anyone else figure out where those logs and rocks came in?)It would have been better in person (where we'd actually see the 2-page spread properly) rather than in ADE, but I didn't hear any complaints!Disclaimer: I received a f [...]

    5. A funny mix of animals and big machines, two things little kids love. What are they building?I received this copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.Find more children's book reviews in Reviews in Chalk

    6. Today We DidA little dalmatian wakes up to some loud noises coming from outside. What could be making that noise?My three year old boys loved this book. It has big machinery and animals, two of their favourite things. In their view the only thing that could have made it better was if it had dinosaurs as well! They loved the onomatopoeia that went with each vehicle. I liked the way this text was formed.The story is simple and best read aloud for the vehicle noises. We read it as a digital edition [...]

    7. Synopsis:Dugger! Dugger! Digger! What’s that noise? It's the booming sound of big construction vehicles, and Little Dalmatian is determined to find out what they are building in this energetic picture book from Rebecca Elliott.Review:This is a great book for children, especially one that likes construction machines or animals. There are plenty of both in this book. It is cute how the children have to guess what is coming next, I really liked that. The story is cute and all the animals add a lo [...]

    8. Dalmatian in a Digger“Dugger! Dugger! Dugger! What’s that noise? Little Dalmatian is about to find out as he follows the booming noises of big construction vehicles in this energetic picture book.”I rated this book with 4 stars. I chose this book because it uses a lot of sounds on each page to keep the reader engaged and exited for the upcoming page. I think this book is great for ages 3-8.

    9. From the spine to the insides this a great good about animals and construction equipment. Great early literacy skills with illiterations and a repetitive phrase.Nicely colored illustrations show both the equipment and the outdoors in a fun manner. The end papers are an added bonus, giving young children a lot to look at.

    10. I found the puppy to be annoying. He seemed to "love" every machine that made any noise anywhere nearby - just not enough to stay out of their way or to leave the operators alone. Who needs that many machines to build a treehouse, anyways?!?

    11. This was so cute! all types of animals in different pieces of machinery. This would be great for twos or preschool

    12. Super cute book with engaging illustrations and age appropriate informative text for young readers that yields a great book! My 3 yr. old daughter loved it!!

    13. Simple story about different animals operating different machinery and the noises they make. Kinda fun making the noises, especially the bulldozer.

    14. A dalmatian in a digger, a camel in a crane, a duck in a dump truck. By golly it just keeps getting better and better! For preschool truck fans.

    15. A cute book about Dalmatians and the different noises he hears. Each noise is for a different machine driven by animals that start with the same first letter of the machine's name. The illustrations are fun and includes a fun little mouse friend of the Dalmatian character.I received a copy from netgalley.

    16. This delightful little book is just perfect for those little ones who love diggers and dumpers and all the loud sounds and activity that big machines produce. A loveable little dog with his tiny mouse friend wake up one morning and hear loud booming sounds that peek their curiosity. When they look out their bedroom window they discover the source of those sounds. Goodness me it's a dalmatian in a digger. It is scooping and depositing huge piles of dirt right outside their house. They are enthral [...]

    17. A bear in a bulldozer! A duck in a dumptruck! Construction noises wake dalmatian up one day and he finds all his friends building something fun! This will be fun for SLC 2017.

    18. Giggle Giggle, Smilewhat's that noise? That noise is happiness coming from me when I read Dalmatian in a Digger. This book had me involved from the very beginning and I could see myself reading to a large group of children and everyone getting involved. The book involves the reader as they guess who is making the noise on each machine, this was a wonderful surprise because I had thought it was only about the dalmatian. At the end of the book dalmatians little friend little mouse asks you to find [...]

    19. My son is a huge fan of construction vehicles, so I knew I needed to check this book out as soon as I saw the word "digger." :)It's a cute story with lots of alliteration (a duck in a dump truck, a camel in a crane, etc.), and I really loved the art style and everything that is going on in the illustrations.I did, however, have a problem with the introduction of each vehicle. Sounds are used, with a "What is that? It's a" delivery, which is great. Or, well, it would be if reading the sounds didn [...]

    20. “Dugger. Dugger. Digger.” A young Dalmatian puppy wakes up, wondering about the noise. Outside his window is a strange sight: a Dalmatian in a Digger! The young Dalmatian runs outside and jumps on top of the digger. As he watches the digger work from atop its roof, another sound wakes the neighborhood. An unusual driver mans this machine, too. Four construction vehicles are working in the backyard, each driven by an unusual driver.Onomatopoeia introduces each construction vehicle, giving you [...]

    21. This is a fun story to read with your Working Trucks loving child. It has different animals driving and working with dump trucks, cranes, digger, bulldozer. Little puppy hears and then finds trucks working around his house. He is in for a sweet surprise in the end. Just a side note: Having a husband who works with these types of big trucks, we were happy to see the drivers wearing hard hats. All except Duck, who is wearing safety glasses, cool, but he needs a hard hat too. And who would let ther [...]

    22. 3.5ish stars.This was a surprisingly good little book I could see myself purchasing and using for classroom use. The cover didn't really do anything for me, but I'm glad I read it anyway because the illustrations throughout are much better. I appreciate the use of alliteration, the concise explanations of the various machinery, the fun noises to make and the ending. :)Illustrations: 3Story: 4

    23. This picture book combines two things little kids love: animals and machines! A fun story with great illustrations, sounds, big machines, and a variety of animals. What are these animals building?My son and I both loved it!*A copy of this book was provided free of charge for an honest review.

    24. I received this book through NetGalley. I enjoyed this story. This has everything to appeal to a toddler. The illustrations show animals in the different construction vehicles and share some noises that they can make to show the trucks. This would be a great interactive story with the truck noises and a great addition to the library.

    25. Great book for young children, especially those who love trucks and construction equipment. This title has great descriptive words and allows the reader to guess what the next piece of equipment is. Cute illustrations and story! A great book for storytime or reading aloud.

    26. Combining animals and construction equipment, this book will surely entertain small children who will love repeating the many noises. The illustrations are engaging and will appeal to the storytime crowd.I received this book via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

    27. I believe that children would love the noises of their favorite construction equipment; this book would make a fun read aloud in story times. The illustrations are super cute! Loved the add of finding the mouse on the pages.*received from NetGalley for review.

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