Just the Way You Are

Just the Way You Are This charming story unforgettably teaches that God doesn t want His children to try and impress Him He simply longs to spend time with them just the way they are

  • Title: Just the Way You Are
  • Author: Max Lucado
  • ISBN: 9780891071143
  • Page: 285
  • Format: Hardcover
  • This charming story unforgettably teaches that God doesn t want His children to try and impress Him He simply longs to spend time with them just the way they are.

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    1. Another nice Lucado book. This one is about knowing it's ok to be yourself and not trying to be like everyone else to be accepted. It is a little more complex of a story than the simple wemmicks "you are special" storyline, but just as meaningful for four year olds and older than a two year old.

    2. Max Lucado's books for children are exceptional, every child deserves to have them read out loud to them and every parent deserves to experience their message.

    3. This is another children’s book from Max Lucado that contains a powerful message. In a more primitive time, five orphans live in a village. For mutual support and protection, the five siblings had banded together. The village was in a kingdom and when the king learned of their plight, he announced that he would adopt them and would be coming to take them away.That announcement was met with great excitement and the children all decided to work very hard at honing their skills in order to impres [...]

    4. I thought it was a great book about five orphans who find that the king was to try to adopt them and will return soon. Four of them who have talents worked hard on their talents so they have something to offer the king when does return after the villagers say "you need to impress the king." The fifth has no talents, but has a big heart. She thinks she can't give the king 'her heart,' so tries to ask her siblings if one of them can teach her his/her talent. However, when all of them decline sayin [...]

    5. "But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us." Romans 5:8 (NIV)Many find it hard to believe that the God who created the earth could love them. Surely they must be worthy of His attention and love before He offers it willingly, they think. However, the Scripture found in Romans, chapter 5, verse 8 clearly says that God loves even the unlovable, those filled with sin and with nothing of worth to offer. "Just the Way You Are" written by Max Luc [...]

    6. This is a sweet and inspiring book. I read it and I really think we can get a simple and yet so profound message. Max Lucado really has a way with expressing the gospel in terms that everybody can understand. This is a lovely book, everyone should read it at least once. This is a story about a king who is going to adopt 5 orphans. The story focuses on the youngest girl, who fears she has no talent and can make no gift for the king. The story shows how her heart and love is her gift, and she's th [...]

    7. Five orphans are overjoyed when they hear that the King wants to adopt them. The villagers tell them they need talents or things to impress the King so that when he comes he won't be disappointed, so they set to perfecting their talents, all except the youngest sister, who isn't quite sure that she has a talent.This is a sweet, sweet little book. I read it and had tears in my eyes, the message was so simple and yet so profound. Max Lucado really has a way with expressing the gospel in terms that [...]

    8. This is a beautiful book--images and text align elegantly. The only thing I don't like is the summary on the back of the scholastic edition of September 2000 which imposes a very Christian context which tells the reader that the king is really 'the Heavenly Father'. The images, by Sergio Martinez, do evoke Puritans who could be Dutch, English or from the United States.I've read a few children's books in my time, but I did not see the Christian subtext until I closed the book. I was quite surpris [...]

    9. A family of orphans learns they will be adopted by the King. They all begin to get ready by working on a talent they have so the king will accept them. The youngest is friendly with people and helpful to strangers but feels she has no real talent to show the King when he comes. She finds that by being herself she is the one ready for the King when he comes. The King explains all he really wants is someone to spend time with him and love him. It teaches kindness and taking the time to be with fam [...]

    10. This book has great healing power. It has helped me to realize what is most important: being loving to those around us. When we do this we are filled with God's love and can recognize his hand in our lives.I totally disagree with the summary on that explains what this book is about. It isn't about telling our kids we love them. It is about living our lives with a proper focus so that we recognize the good and are ready for God to show himself to uskroydhouse/2015/

    11. This is a wonderful book that teaches about how the greatest gift we can give is our heart. A little girl thinks she has little to give b/c all of her siblings have such wonderful talents. But, they are so busy thinking of themselves that they won't share their talents. She on the other hand is always helping and serving others and so when the king comes to adopt her and her siblings (in disguise), she is the only one who is ready to become his daughter. The others are too busy trying to think o [...]

    12. This is a great book and teaches a very good moral lesson. In it, a young orphaned girl learns that her own gift of kindness is more special to a king than her learning to carve wooden figures, how to paint a masterpiece, or developing a beautiful singing voice. It is important for children to remember who they are and that everyone has special talents of their own. It isn't important to be the best at everything, but it is important to be the best person you can be. I especially enjoyed the wel [...]

    13. Sometimes I just look to read Max Lucado's children's books for fun and to prepare for Sunday School lessons. However, as I read tonight of how much our Heavenly Father loves us and delights in us just the way we are, I was hit with a childlike faith that makes me feel blessed! God makes time for us, just the way we are. Do we care for others that same way? Do we make time for God? If not, why not? He should be the most important part of every day. These books bring about good questions to ask a [...]

    14. This story is really cute. It really fits the title. The aspect that I like the most out of this story, is that the little girl did not need to change. Yes, she made the effort to acquire some notice or favor of the king when he does come and visit. But ultimately it was because she was just herself, willing to go the extra mile that really impressed the king. It is a very heart-warming story, I would read it to children because it has a good moral to the story.

    15. Really sweet story about a king who's going to adopt 5 orphans. The story focuses on the youngest girl, who fears she has no talent and can make no gift for the king. The story shows how her heart and love is her gift, and she's the one the king bonds with. Another story about adoption, but not told as directly. The illustrations are quaint, as the story takes place "a long time ago." Great story for kids about being accepted just as you are.

    16. This story can be shared with a first and second grade class. The students will see that special talents aren't always needed. We each have something special to offer; and should love that about ourselves. I would extend this story with a writing assignment by have the students write in their journals about something special about themselves.

    17. This is a neat story that emphasizes the importance of having a good heart and making time for others. It's a good book that I think I would use to teach values. I also liked the emphasis that is put on being who you are. It teaches that we don't have to change to impress people, we just need to do what we know how to do.

    18. I loved this book when I was little, but i was surprised to realize that it was a story about the unconditional love of God, I had just assumed that the message was that everyone was special in their own unique way and that sometimes it's the person who feels they have nothing worth giving who is willing to give the most for others. Well either way I still love it.

    19. I love all of the Max Lucado children's books that I've read. They are a wonderful reminder of who we are and that God loves each and every one of us. Even after reading them several times I tear up while reading them because of their powerful reminder. Get them in hardcover for your kidsyou won't regret it.

    20. All of Max Lucado's books make me tear up. They're so sweet whether you're religious or just need a solid self esteem booster. I highly recommend theses to be part of house hold book collections and in class rooms of any sort. They're so sweet and tender.

    21. It's a timeless truth, that their Heavenly Father loves them and delights in them just the way thy are.

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