The Occupation Trilogy: La Place de l'Étoile – The Night Watch – Ring Roads

The Occupation Trilogy La Place de l toile The Night Watch Ring Roads When Patrick Modiano was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature he was praised for using the art of memory to bring to life the Occupation of Paris during the Second World War Born just after the

  • Title: The Occupation Trilogy: La Place de l'Étoile – The Night Watch – Ring Roads
  • Author: Patrick Modiano
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  • When Patrick Modiano was awarded the 2014 Nobel Prize for Literature he was praised for using the art of memory to bring to life the Occupation of Paris during the Second World War Born just after the war, Modiano was an angry young man in his twenties when these three brilliant, angry novels burst onto the Parisian literary scene and caused a storm.The epigraph to hisWhen Patrick Modiano was awarded the 2014 Nobel Prize for Literature he was praised for using the art of memory to bring to life the Occupation of Paris during the Second World War Born just after the war, Modiano was an angry young man in his twenties when these three brilliant, angry novels burst onto the Parisian literary scene and caused a storm.The epigraph to his ambitious first novel, among the first to seriously question both wartime collaboration in France and the myths of the Gaullist era, reads In June 1942 a German officer goes up to a young man and says Excuse me, monsieur, where is La Place de l toile The young man points to the star on his chest The Night Watch tells the story of a young man, caught between his work for the French Gestapo, his work for a Resistance cell informing on the police and the black market dealers whose seedy milieu he shares Ring Roads recounts Serge s search for his father, who disappeared from his life ten years earlier He finds him trying to survive the war years in the unlikely company of spivs, anti Semites and prostitutes, putting his meagre business skills at the service of those who have no interest in him or his survival These brilliant, almost hallucinatory evocations of the Occupation, attempt to exorcise the past by exploring the morally ambiguous worlds of collaboration and resistance.

    The Occupation Trilogy La Place de l toile Oct , The Occupation Trilogy presents English language translations of the first three novels published by the Nobel Prize winner Patrick Modiano La Place de l etoile debuted in , when the author was but years old, while La ronde de nuit Night Watch and Les boulevards de ceinture Ring Roads , appeared in and , respectively. The Occupation Trilogy La Place de l toile The Night THE OCCUPATION TRILOGY is a set of three short novels which question wartime collaboration in France They were published between and The title refers to the Parisian plaza and the requirement that Jews wear stars of David as identification. The Occupation Trilogy La Place de l toile The Night Sep , The Occupation Trilogy provides the perfect introduction to one of the world s greatest writers. THE OCCUPATION TRILOGY Kirkus Reviews I know the life stories of these shadows is of no great interest to anyone, but if I didn t write it down, no one else would do it three early novels by Nobel Prize winning French author Modiano Suspended Sentences, , etc that look back to the years of the Nazi occupation. The Occupation Trilogy La Place de L etoile the Night Nov , The Occupation Trilogy La Place de L etoile the Night Watch Ring Roads patrick nobel modiano on FREE shipping on qualifying offers. The Occupation Trilogy by Patrick Modiano trans Frank Jul , The Occupation Trilogy by Patrick Modiano trans Frank Wynne, Patricia Wolf Caroline Hillier, book review It s a strange idea, really, to

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    1. Patrick Modiano

      Patrick Modiano is a French language novelist and winner of the 2014 Nobel Prize in Literature.He is a winner of the Grand prix du roman de l Acad mie fran aise in 1972, the Prix Goncourt in 1978 for his novel Rue des boutiques obscures and of the Nobel Prize in Literature in 2014.Modiano s parents met in occupied Paris during World War II and began their relationship in semi clandestinity Modiano s childhood took place in a unique atmosphere between the absence of his father of which he heard many troubled stories and his mother s frequent tours, he had to complete his secondary education by government aid This brought him closer to his brother, Rudy, who died of a disease at age 10 the works of Patrick Modiano from 1967 to 1982 are dedicated to him This disappearance announced the end of the author s childhood, who continued to hold a marked nostalgia for this period.Modiano studied at the cole du Montcel primary school in Jouy en Josas, at the Coll ge Saint Joseph de Th nes in Haute Savoie, and then at the Lyc e Henri IV high school in Paris While he was at Henri IV, he took geometry lessons from writer Raymond Queneau, who was a friend of Modiano s mother He received his baccalaureate at Annecy but didn t proceed with his higher education.His meeting with Queneau, the author of Zazie dans le m tro, is crucial Modiano was introduced to the literary world by Queneau, and this gave him the opportunity to attend a cocktail party given by publishing house ditions Gallimard He published his first novel, La Place de l toile, with them in 1968, after having read the manuscript to Raymond Queneau Starting that year, he did nothing but write.On September 12, 1970, Modiano married Dominique Zerhfuss I have a catastrophic souvenir of the day of our marriage It rained A real nightmare Our groomsmen were Queneau, who had mentored Patrick since his adolescence, and Malraux, a friend of my father They started to argue about Dubuffet, and it was like we were watching a tennis match That said, it would have been funny to have some photos, but the only person who had a camera forgot to bring the film There is only one photo remaining of us, from behind and under an umbrella Interview with Elle, 6 October 2003 From their marriage came two girls, Zina 1974 and Marie 1978.Modiano has mentioned on Oct 9, 2014, during an interview with La Grande Librairie, that one of the books which had a great impact on his writing life was Le c ur est un chasseur solitaire The Heart is a Lonely Hunter , the first novel published by Carson McCullers in 1940 Arabic


    1. Some months ago I read Missing Person and Suspended Sentences and loved both, and recommend starting with those. This is not nearly as good. The Trilogy was written when Modiano, a follower of Raymond Queneau, was very young -- La Place at the age of 22, Night watch two years later -- La Place is a hallucinatory, Blaise Cendrars-L.-F. Céline inspired parody of a Bagatelle-style, Commedia dell' arte romp through fascist circles (mostly historical figures -- lots of name dropping) in Occupied Fra [...]

    2. I found the first book of the Trilogy very hard going despite having read Modiano's autobiography and knowing a lot of French wartime/occupation history. Without that, I would have been lost. This is the first book written/published by a very young author. The second two books were easier going and rated the "4*" rating. These books were written in the 60's, when many people were still not ready to honestly discuss the War; everyone - apparently/supposedly - had been in the Resistance. But Modia [...]

    3. The Occupation TrilogyPatrick Modiano won the Nobel prize in literature in 2014 and truthfully, I had never heard of him. Curiously one day at a box book store, I found this book. It's a trilogy with a common theme - French collaboration with the Nazis during the Occupation. That, I bought, might not be easy stuff to digest, but he did win the Nobel prize so it must count for something?And "count for something" is perhaps an understatement. At first I cannot deny I was getting a lot of resistanc [...]

    4. These are not easy to read so happily these three novellas are short. The storytelling is elliptical and surreal, and my best advice is to try and relax and go with the flow. There is also a bitterness (completely understandable) and a sinister almost diabolical tone to the novels. He perfectly conveys in a very unusual way what it must have felt like, (and probably still does feel like today) to be Jewish in France during the occupation. The distrust, distain and hatred, the danger and the visc [...]

    5. Finding His Way in a Forest of NamesThis collection of Modiano's first three novels, each with a different English translator, marks the ninth and tenth books by him that I have read; earlier this year, I read the first of the three, La Place de l’Étoile (1968), in French. I am not sure that it makes much sense to call them "The Occupation Trilogy," since every Modiano book I have read, from the first to the most recent, reaches back to the legacy of the 1940–44 German occupation. But these [...]

    6. Las novelas recogidas en esta trilogía, "La plaza de la estrella", "La ronda de noche" y "Los paseos de circunvalación" pretenden ser, según las opiniones de los sesudos críticos literarios, una aproximación lúcida y dolorosa al periodo de la ocupación nazi de París.En mi modesta opinión, no es muy lúcida, y es dolorosa para el lector, que intenta buscar infructuosamente puntos de apoyo entre las imágenes chocantes que el autor parece sembrar de manera errática a lo largo de sus "nov [...]

    7. Die "Abendgesellschaft" , bestehend aus Schiebern, Denunzianten, Dieben im Paris zur Zeit der deutschen Besatzung, zeigt im Stil noch die Nähe zu "Place de L'Étole". Die bedrohliche, durch und durch schreckliche Atmosphäre, das Lavieren des Protagonisten zwischen Profiteuren und Résistance wird meisterlich herausgeartbeitet.Die "Außenbezirke" beeindrucken mit der Story an sich (Vater-Sohn-Beziehung, setting ähnlich wie "Abendgesellschaft"), aber vor allem durch ihre stilistische Struktur. [...]

    8. Three short novels set in Paris during WWII by Nobel Literature Prize-winner Patrick Modiano. Uneven, but increasingly gripping as the stories go from collaboration and war-time corruption to betrayal by a group of amoral, sleazy individuals getting by and even thriving in the streets of occupied Paris. Unsettling, moody, and absorbing.

    9. I found this a tough read. The Occupation Trilogy by the Nobel Prize winning author Patrick Modiano is, essentially, three novellas which share the theme of France under German occupation between 1940 and 1945. The author was a young man when he wrote these three stories between 1968 and 1972 and was clearly influenced by the revolutionary atmosphere of the times. He must have been one of the first to confront French guilt over collaboration and their treatment of the Jews.None of the stories is [...]

    10. Very witty trilogy, about the occupation of France in the 40s, told with extreme irreverence. The first book Place de l'Etoile is told in a manic voice of young Jewish man who tries on all of the epithets that are used against Jews in France's highly anti-Semitic state. This play on characters is a mind bendingscreed. Book 2 The Night Watch and Book 3 Ring Roads have different voices that look at the ambiguity of collaboration. These have a feel of Fellini films very schizophrenic and intriguing [...]

    11. Aquí pueden haber fallado dos cosas: la primera, mi análisis. Es posible que no haya podido comprender al escritor. O la segunda: el propio Modiano. El haber mantenido una perpetua inconexión entre las diferentes imágenes (a modo de escenas) sin ningún tipo de unión (no me importa si lineal o salto-temporal) ha sido a mi parecer un fallo rotundo. ¡No sé qué pensar! La descriptiva me ha gustado. El trasfondo histórico y la trama (trama a medias) también. Pero No sé. Sin duda algo fall [...]

    12. Brilliantly written. Fascinating short novels exposing different aspects of France during the Occupation. The first is unexpectedly funny at times. All three have interesting, conflicted central characters. I'm looking forward to reading more of Modiano's work.

    13. Me ha costado terminar este libro, de hecho creo que saltar repetidamente sobre una cama de pinchos hubiese sido mucho más agradable y fácil. En fin, espero que Modiano haya mejorado con el tiempo, porque sino dudo mucho que me vuelva a acercar a sus textos. 1/5 Vomitivo simplemente.

    14. The three novels that make up this trilogy share a common setting and deal with similar issues, namely anti-Semitic and pro-fascist activities in France during the period of the Nazi occupation, but the separate stories aren’t really connected aside from a few of the same names popping up among characters in the background. They’re also very different stylistically. But in all of them the passage of time and contrasts between the present and the past are major issues.La Place de l’Etoile f [...]

    15. I found Place de l'Etoile nearly unreadable, Night Watch has not lingered with me particularly, but Ring Roads is memorable and evocative. Overall, very glad to have read some Modiano, even more delighted I've finished reading.

    16. I could just not continue reading this book. I love the time period and the genre, but this book didn't do enough for me to continue reading (and I usually finish every book I start).

    17. Muy interesante la verdad, aunque muy descriptivo y utilizando muchas referencias de la época, es fácil perderse con tanto nombre de figuras relevantes de los años 40

    18. Myles na cGopalenn meets Franz Kafka. Appalling, clever and deeply revealing of the widespread collaboration across French society with the Nazis.

    19. I'm glad this was not the first book by Patrick Modiano I read. Readers unfamiliar with the work of this Nobel Prize winner (2014) might want to start with one of his other works, such as Missing Person or Suspended Sentences. Because I had read those two books plus several others, I was motivated to make myself finish the first of the three novellas in this collection. Don't get me wrong, though. Persons around twenty two (the age of the author when he wrote it), not to mention those more steep [...]

    20. Modiano's first three novels packaged together. The first two are mostly satires and read differently than the rest of Modiano's oeuvre. The third novel is the best.

    21. Modiano se merece el Nobel que le otorgaron en el 2014. Con estas obras que incluye la trilogía de la ocupación: El lugar de la estrella, la ronda nocturna y los paseos de circunvalación, y con Dora Bruder la historia de una joven judía desconocida e inocente que sufrió los horrores del holocausto, el lector se da una idea muy clara de esa oscura época del antisemitismo y colaboracionismo que vivió Francia en la segunda guerra mundial y que para ellos, los franceses, es algo que nunca ha [...]

    22. I'm very much aware that reviewing often says more about reviewer than the novel in question - three novels in this instance - and shows up my own shortcomings rather than the author's. In this instance I admit I had trouble getting started. I found the work rather inaccessible at the outset, so I decided to read the third in the series first because it seemed less obscure than its fellows. Right or not, this seemed to work. Modiano's world is uncomfortable, edgy, sometimes surreal, dreamlike an [...]

    23. A masterclass in post-WWII fiction that swings from a surrealist Prodigal Son tale shot through with bitter satire ("La Place de l'Étoile") to delirious spy games with Pynchonesque fatalist flair ("The Night Watch") to a gorgeous exploration of a father-son relationship in Occupied wartime Paris ("Ring Roads"). All of it focused on analyzing and eviscerating French culture's deep-seeded antisemitism at its apogee during the war. The first two installments are not easy reads, and send your mind [...]

    24. Es curioso que en esta llamada trilogía de la ocupación no se les vea el pelo a los ocupantes. No hay ningún personaje alemán, ni siquiera aparece un solo soldado. Quizá sería mejor llamarla Trilogía de la traiciónEl lugar de la estrellaNo sé muy bien qué pensar de esta novela. Es muy francesa, muy culta. Hay multitud de referencias a autores y libros que solo podrá entender y disfrutar un especialista en la cultura francesa de la época. El protagonista es un ser contradictorio. Un j [...]

    25. The setting of the novel sounds intriguing enough- a double agent working for both the French gestapo and the French resistance fighters during WWII. If you're familiar with the road names of Paris, then all the better since a lot of names of avenues, squares and streets are dropped here and there. But the overall novel didn't quite live up to expectations. I guess it was the writer's intention somewhat, but everything is written as if they were pieces of hazy memory that don't quite fit togethe [...]

    26. For the record, I read only La Place de L'toile. NOT the entire trilogy. I read the Bloomsbury edition of La Place de'Etoile. It does not include the other two novellas. For some reason, I cannot edit this info on my page

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