The Darkest Secret

The Darkest Secret I sometimes wonder if I m broken insideNobody looks at me any Not since it happened Not since I locked myself away in my room unable even to open my bedroom door without having a panic attack Nobody

  • Title: The Darkest Secret
  • Author: Jessica Pine
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 489
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • I sometimes wonder if I m broken insideNobody looks at me any Not since it happened Not since I locked myself away in my room, unable even to open my bedroom door without having a panic attack Nobody looks at me except Jimmy I ve never seen a man look at me like he does From the moment he started working for my father, I could tell he had already put me up oI sometimes wonder if I m broken insideNobody looks at me any Not since it happened Not since I locked myself away in my room, unable even to open my bedroom door without having a panic attack Nobody looks at me except Jimmy I ve never seen a man look at me like he does From the moment he started working for my father, I could tell he had already put me up on a pedestal Famous Hollywood Daughter And to tell you the truth, I liked it But after all this craziness, I want to scream at him, to tell him to stop There are things about me that no man should have to deal with It s true, what they say I m a train wreck Damaged goods Nothing good can come of us being together I tried to love a man, once I thought I loved him I thought I could handle him It turned out I couldn t And the last thing I want now is for Jimmy to find out the truth about how things ended long ago Even after I dare him to search for me on the Internet, he refuses, telling me that I have to tell him my secrets But I can t There are secrets that I ve never shared, not with anyone And as long as I don t tell him those secrets, we can pretend to be happy together I want to pretend I want to pretend that everything s okay I want to pretend that I can come back from this Because if those secrets remain kept, I m everything Jimmy thinks I am But if not

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    1. Holy hell this book was confusing I had no idea what was happening throughout most of it, then when I finally caught on to the story I was rolling my eyes. Amber was in a controlling relationship that turned bad to worse to crazy out there that led to her not even being able to leave the house without a panic attack. Jimmy /Jaime whatever is a bodyguard, security guard thing who's job is to watch out for her and eventually somehow helps her recover. It is a very confusing story and if you stick [...]

    2. Loved it.One of those reads where I knew nothing about the book and had no expectations…which were promptly blown out of the water!It's a fascinating NA tale I couldn't put down.Amber is a movie-star's daughter in an abusive relationship.Jaime is the security guard who works on their property.The constant twists and turns in this book kept me riveted.And the author's voice is sparky.

    3. Great story. A lot of emotions all at once, but not confusing as a reader. I appreciate the HEA. It was a progression instead of and ending. Smooth and heartfelt. "I've forgotten how to do anything else but think and feel. They are such simple things you don't pay them any mind, until you can no longer do them without pain. "

    4. This is not a book for readers who want the standard formula of girl meets boy --> boy sweeps girl off her feet --> they fall madly into love/sex --> happy ending. I mean, some of those elements are there, but they are in no way standard or formulaic. This is a book about trauma, and bad decisions, and some of the reasons people make bad decisions, and how to deal with the fallout of those bad decisions. Also a little bit of how *not* to deal with bad decisions.The book opens with one o [...]

    5. **Received by Author in exchange of honest review****I absolutely loved this book, but be warned this is not your usual sweet love story, Amber has ben hurt, badly, an unfortunate occurrence of being in the wrong place at the wrong time and falling for the wrong guy who would eventually suck the will and life out of you, leaving you defenceless and incapable of making your own decisions, co-dependant to the point of sick obsession, in theory just the basis of an abused relationship; so the story [...]

    6. I wanted to like this book, the synopsis, the cover, the title, I was drawn to it. It seemed promising and I was hopeful. To say I was disappointed was an understatement, this book was a struggle to read. I want to say this book was not edited and if it was no one was checking for grammar errors and mis-spellings because there were a ton of them. I am not one easily distracted by these things because all books have them but the fact that I found myself numerous times re-reading a sentence to try [...]

    7. I'm not even sure why I happened to pick up this book. There are just so many things here that I usually dislike:-Spoiled and jaded little rich girl-Definite (and obvious) comparisons to Romeo & Juliet-Insta-love and insta-lust-Big build-up of a not-so-surprising secretThe keyword, however, is usually.For me, this story had a bit of a bumpy start. We are thrown into what feels like mid-story, and the blunt, jaded tone of Amber’s “voice” is more than a little abrasive. This added to my [...]

    8. Hmmm. I'm not sure what to say about this book. It was good but something was seriously lacking from it. The two lead characters didn't seem to have any connection with each other and if the female lead called herself "a whiny child" once more I think I would have honestly screamed. I counted that phrase from her a total of 23 times. Talk about repetitions, I was fed up of reading it, then the male lead starts to say it and that's when I really started to get sick. She's a selfish little brat an [...]

    9. I really wanted to give this 4 stars The story was unique and the author s style was different to what I usually read however I enjoyed it so much so that I finished it. It did start off a bit slow up until 20% I actually stopped to read another book and didn't think it was interesting enough. well I am glad I continued . Amber is the daughter of a Hollywood star she suffers from panic attacks and hasn't been out in public in months .Her story starts off a year or so ahead - after meeting and fa [...]

    10. The Darkest Secret is the story of a famous movie star’s young daughter, Amber. Amber who has had a terrible abusive relationship with her psycho-ex Jamie has secluded herself in her room to cope up with her fears. When she meets Jamie (one of her father’s staff), she is drawn to him. Jamie meanwhile has no clue of the dark secrets in Amber’s life. And so as Amber and Jamie grow close, Amber has to learn to completely let go of her past, face her fears and be honest with Jamie. What I espe [...]

    11. Well written with just a few editing errors. It was difficult to engage with the book because initially, the storyline is disjointed and confusing. After you get past the first few chapters, the story begins to gel and take shape and you become invested in both the lead characters.The story is an untraditional version of an abusive relationship and the process of recovery. The difference between healthy and unhealthy, selfish versus selfless are beautifully illustrated through the characters and [...]

    12. This was a difficult book to read. Essentially it's about a mentally unstable young woman from a wealthy background who needs to come to terms with a dangerous relationship and its consequences, as told in disjointed flashbacks. She develops an unusual relationship with a young man who is assigned as security for her and he recognizes what she needs to help her.What was really interesting about this book was that it took some of the same lines I've read in romance novels that feature a tradition [...]

    13. The story went back and forth a lot and it made things kind of confusing and uneven. Amber is the daughter of a famous actor, and she's basically a prisoner to her panic attacks. She had a horribly abusive relationship and is still trying to figure out her life. Jamie is hired as part of Amber's security team, which seemed really weird considering they were the same age. He's attracted to her and feels sorry for her, and they begin a relationship which seems solely based on sex. I really didn't [...]

    14. This was a pretty different read for me. I've been really into the typical romance books lately and this really isn't one of those books. This book is messy, frustrating, heartbreaking and in the end pretty empowering. As I read through this one I couldn't help but feel for Amber, I mean that was her first experience in love? She went through so much and yet she was still able to eventually make the best of it. She really is a strong heroine. As for Jamie well I've gotta give him props too, he m [...]

    15. Not your typical storyThe book was good, 3.5 rating for sure. There is a blurb at the end of the book about self editing and using this company to help you out. I hope that Pine didn't pay them too much to edit her book. A very simple re-read of the book would have brought out all of the errors that this self publishing company obviously didn't find. This could have been a four star read easily. The beginning is hard to start but once you get accustomed to the writing style the book really picks [...]

    16. This is another of the freebies I got from amazon. But it is no longer free.This story is told in a different way. Amber is the daughter of a famous movie actor. She lives at her father's house but she does not go out. Jaime gets a job working on the estate from his uncle. He meets Amber but does not know her story. Slowly she tells him what happened. Jaime and Amber are falling for each other but it is not a good thing.Amber meets Justin at a club. But everything that can go wrong does. He is a [...]

    17. This book is ok. There are some grammar and spelling mistakes. For instance, someone trying to prize the main character off something. The timelines that are currently being read is also confusing. is it her past view? Her present view? Is she remembering? Or telling someone?The main character is ok, I get the sense of the "fun-loving" recklessness and insecurity the author is trying to portray, however, it just seems to fall short of expectations.The plot is good, this could have been a great s [...]

    18. This one. I can't really say much because I didn't finish it. I got to about a third of the way and gave up. The plot sounds amazing but the way it's written is completely confusing. I had no idea what was going on and I still don't. The overall idea and potential is great, but the writing organization needs a bit of work, as well as some of the writing to make it more appealing to the readers minds. Disappointed because there was a lot of potential. Perhaps I'll try to finish this one at a late [...]

    19. This was definitely not a jovial read. Amber's journey is dark and twisted but the love that she finds with Jaime is interesting to say the least. It was however a very realistic story and one that sounds like the past of many abused young women. Do not go into this book expecting something sweet or light. It's a dose of hard reality and opens up the idea of what some people are capable of and the issues that can appear to survivors after the fact. All in all a read that keeps you turning pages. [...]

    20. I really loved the story . however there were a lot of punctuation and spelling errors. Jamie could of been developed more but other than that it was really good. it's about overcoming an abusive relationship and learning to heal from emotional scars. There's a darkness but also a light that Jamie brings. It wasn't called Held but The darkest secret. found it odd I couldn't find it under that title.

    21. I can't really understand the bad reviews for this book, except to think that maybe some people don't want any bitter in their sweet? Held reminds me positively of Jodi Picoult, delving into a really tough issue and letting us feel all of the emotions of a bad situation. But there's redemption on the other side, and the characters are all good enough to pull you through the dark spots. Highly recommended.

    22. I got this book for free a few weeks ago and it was a good pick up. The story was good and intense but was often quite confusing. It was a little all over the place which meant sometimes you had to reread parts to figure out what had happened. The character's weren't all that lovable or memorable but the way that Amber grew from start to finish was good. Not sure if I would pick up more books by this author but this book was good enough and was a great fill in book.

    23. I LOVED this book! Author Jessica Pine clearly out her blood, sweat, and years into this one!! The writing style was great, smooth transitions, well developed characters that did on their own yet exquisitely complimented one another! This was a terrific concept and an even greater execution! Something very different from all other NA/contemporary books out there right now. A definite treasure!!!

    24. I love a flawed character and the premise of an agoraphobic love story intrigued me immediately. I just wish there had been a bit more of about her agoraphobia - which seemed to lessen early on in the book. Other than that, this was a interesting story about the aftermath of a toxic relationship and it's effect on a girl who had been psychologically manipulated by her first love.

    25. After reading the description of the book, I was excited to read it. The first couple of chapters were okay, but after that I found myself confused, bored and skipping much of the book. I just wanted to know what happened to make her this way. In a sense I still don't understand it and was a little disappointed.

    26. Wow this book is intense. Amber had a worse ex boyfriend ever. He was controlling. When we meet Amber she is having a bad day. Jamie is a security guard watching out for Amber. Her ex deserved what he got.

    27. I really like the idea behind Held, but it just didn’t work for me. The way the story is put together felt strange, and things didn’t make sense. The characters felt flat, and I didn’t connect with either them or the story.

    28. Overall the book was pretty good. There were moments that flashed back but you weren't sure of it and had to reread to make sure. I would have liked a first hand look to what happened to Amber instead of her recalling.

    29. This was an freebie for me from January 2014. I really enjoyed the story. Amber is damaged. The backstory of what happened to her slowly unfolds through the book. I liked that they didn't kiss and then have everything all better. Felt realistic.

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