Of Darkness, Light, and Fire

Of Darkness Light and Fire Famous for her acclaimed vampire novels Tanya Huff has created many popular fantasies including these two classics Gate of Darkness Circle of Light and The Fire s Stone finally available in one omn

  • Title: Of Darkness, Light, and Fire
  • Author: Tanya Huff
  • ISBN: 9780756400385
  • Page: 291
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Famous for her acclaimed vampire novels, Tanya Huff has created many popular fantasies, including these two classics Gate of Darkness, Circle of Light and The Fire s Stone finally available in one omnibus volume

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      Born in Halifax, Nova Scotia Although I haven t actually lived down east since just before my fourth birthday, I still consider myself a Maritimer I think it s something to do with being born in sight of the ocean Or possibly with the fact that almost no one admits to being from Ontario Raised, for the most part, in Kingston, Ontario It was the late sixties, early to mid seventies Enough said for those of us who lived through it and those who didn t seem to be getting another chance to fall off platform shoes.Spent three years in the Canadian Naval Reserve I was a cook They d just opened it up to women and I figured it would be the first trade that would send women to sea I was right Unfortunately it happened a year after I left No tattoos.Received a degree in RADIO AND TELEVISION ARTS B.A.A from Ryerson Polytechnical Institute The year I graduated was the year that the CBC laid off 750 employees in Toronto alone We were competing for jobs with people who had up to five years experience The cat threw up on my degree.Spent eight years working at Bakka, North America s oldest surviving science fiction book store Change Of Hobbit in California was actually a very little bit older but unfortunately it was a casualty of the recession in 91 During those eight years, while working full time, I wrote seven books the first seven, except for the original draft of CHILD , and nine short stories.In 1992, after living in downtown Toronto, a city of nearly three million, for thirteen years, I moved with two large cats, one small psychotic cat, and my partner out to a rented house in the middle of nowhere In the years since, we ve purchased the house, buried two of the original cats, replaced them with three felines and, unintentionally, acquired a Chihuahua You re probably wondering how two reasonably intelligent adults can unintentionally acquire a Chihuahua Please don t ask.I love living in the country, writing full time, anything by Charles de Lint, Xena, Hercules, and email I dislike telephones, electric blankets, and bathroom renovations.I always expect catastrophe as a result, I m usually pleasantly surprised Huff lives with her wife, Fiona Patton.


    1. This book's comprised of two of Huff's novels. The first, Gate of Darkness, Circle of Light is a modern fantasy set in Toronto. It's sort of a near-apocalypse story, as the conflict's due to an Adept of Darkness (a demon, in other words) infiltrating the city. He plans to access a gate which will unleash complete chaos on the world, destroying it for what it is. An Adept of Light (basically an angelwith leather pants. w/e) sent to Earth to try to cut off the Dark Adept's plans. Rebecca, a develo [...]

    2. Omnibus, two separate reviews:Gate of Darkness, Circle of Light:All of Tanya Huff's urban fantasy (this, the Keeper trilogy, the newer ones) feel like iterations on a single idea. I happen to like the idea, so I enjoy all of them pretty much in ascending order by date published. This is the earliest, so it's a little scattered, but the closeted bi dude is charming, the developmentally disabled woman is portrayed with great sympathy (and man, that's a sadly rare character type) and the good and e [...]

    3. I really liked both books. Be aware though that this is just two books under one cover, not a sequel or a prequel or two books in the same universe. They have nothing to do with each other, but they're both good.

    4. Of Darkness, Light, and Fire really counts as two novels, on the grounds that it's a reprinting of Tanya Huff's two first novels; Gate of Darkness, Circle of Light and The Fire's Stone. As a longstanding fan of Huff's later work, I certainly enjoyed reading both of these books, though I could also see how they were rougher versions of the style she'd later develop for the Vicki Nelsons, the Quarters novels, and the Keeper ones.Gate of Darkness, Circle of Light in particular felt rough around the [...]

    5. "There is no shame in loving, or in wanting to love. Nor is there harm in wanting without having."Originally read this back-to-back with The Wizard of the Grove duology and I like that set a little better. Obviously that set is a duology and this set it two completely separate, in no way related to each other books, so it's not like the momentum keeps going in this set as opposed to that one.That being said, of the two novels herein, I preferred the first one: Gates of Darkness, Circle of Light. [...]

    6. Had this on to be read for a challenge and discovered I'd already read it. In fact its probably the first Tanya Huff that I read. In my defense it is repackaged with another book (that I also have read) so no longer part of the challenge reading but I now have a copy in my library.This was my intro to Huff I particularly like the worlds she creates and the female characters are heroic while still being very human.

    7. This is an omnibus edition that containsGate of Darkness, Circle of LightandThe Fire’s Stone . Check out those respective pages for their reviews.

    8. Pretty good books for first two published novels. I liked the second one better. What really stood out was how Huff addressed sexuality - as in, not everyone were heterosexuals by default.

    9. This book actually includes two separate novels. I read Gate of Darkness, Circle of Light (and adored it!) but not The Fire's Stone.

    10. I love this book. It has two very interesting stories in it. Tanya Huff comes up with extremely doable characters.

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