Healthy Brain, Happy Life

Healthy Brain Happy Life Dr Wendy Suzuki one day woke up and realized she didn t have a life As an almost year old award winning college professor world renowned neuroscientist she had what many considered everything ten

  • Title: Healthy Brain, Happy Life
  • Author: Wendy Suzuki Billie Fitzpatrick
  • ISBN: 9780062366788
  • Page: 245
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Dr Wendy Suzuki one day woke up and realized she didn t have a life As an almost 40 year old award winning college professor, world renowned neuroscientist, she had what many considered everything tenure as a professor at New York University her own very successful neuroscience research lab prizes for scientific discoveries on cognition and memory articles publishedDr Wendy Suzuki one day woke up and realized she didn t have a life As an almost 40 year old award winning college professor, world renowned neuroscientist, she had what many considered everything tenure as a professor at New York University her own very successful neuroscience research lab prizes for scientific discoveries on cognition and memory articles published in prestigious scientific journals As a woman and a scientist, she was the envy of her peers and lauded by her superiors On paper, she had a stellar career and an impeccable record What could she possibly be missing Everything else Suzuki was overweight She was tired She was lonely, had strained work relationships, and for the first time in her life, completely without direction So she resolved to change her life The first step get moving Everyone knows that exercise makes you feel better that when you hit the gym despite the dread, you leave in a better mood Healthy Brain, Happy Life offers the real science of how exercise effects your mind Using Wendy s journey from frumpy, fat and frustrated to fit and fabulous as a guide, Healthy Brain offers not just the HOWS of making exercise an important part of life, but the WHYS of the benefits it brings But movement is just the first step to being Brain Healthy Once you get your body and mind hooked on exercise, you bring in practices in mindfullness to calm stress and allow your minds to wander to unlock creativity As your brain begins to change something called neuroplasticity , the benefits build you get fitter, improve your memory, increase your ability to work quickly and move from task to task easily Along with Dr Suzuki s 4 minute Brain Hacks, Healthy Brain, Happy Life offers a simple program for changing your life, straight from a leading scientist s personal experience.

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    1. Wendy Suzuki Billie Fitzpatrick

      Dr Wendy A Suzuki is a Professor of Neural Science and Psychology in the Center for Neural Science at New York University Her major research interest is brain plasticity with the focus on the brain s ability to form and retain new long term memories.


    1. For the record, по-русски книжка называется "Странная девочка, которая влюбилась в мозг: Как знание нейробиологии поможет стать привлекательнее, счастливее и лучше" (!). (Подсказка: надо каждый день заниматься "физкультурой" и медитировать. И завести песика.)В одном отзыве чудесно н [...]

    2. This book seems to try to be equal parts Oliver Sacks and Sex in the City and while I like both those things, they don't work well together (I like tuna and milkshakes to, but again not mixed together). I read this book hoping for some insight into work life balance and Dr. Suzuki does tall a lot about expanding her life outside the lab and the benefits it had brought her. I am, however, struck that she was only able to do this AFTER she had tenure and a track record of successful funding. This [...]

    3. Lots of good information, and some interesting case studies, it's just that I never really got into a groove reading this. The writing seemed to ricochet between highly technical, neuroscientific language and simplistic, almost blog-like stories about her life. Just as I would get super-focused on the science bits, she moved into stories of her life that just didn't require the same intensity of focus. Maybe it's just me, but I would have loved some diagrams of the brain to refer to as she was d [...]

    4. If I could, I'd probably actually rate this book 2.5 stars.I am subscribed to some newsletters through my local public library, and one of the newsletters sends daily book recommendations. That is how I discovered Suzuki's book. I love reading about the brain, and was interested in seeing the connection between the brain and exercise.Like other reviewers, I was unfortunately put off a bit by the book's structure. The book claims to be "an accessible blend of memoir and science narrative." While [...]

    5. √ We Have An Enormous Capacity To Change Into The Very Best Version Of OurselvesHEALTHY BRAIN, HAPPY LIFE is a fun read, filled with all kinds of exciting ways to expand your brain power. My favorite parts of the book are these little sections that the author calls "Brain Hacks." These sections are lists of easy ways to really supercharge your brain and make use of the latent power in it. Here's the theme in a nutshell: "One thing I know for sure is that brain plasticity endows us with an enor [...]

    6. More like stapled together lesson plans from a NYU course (with some dating life in New York thrown in as binder) than a book, this was okay. The regions of the brain were interesting at first, but Suzuki repeats the tech data ad infinitum to the point I started skimming and skipping. She loves her field of study, whoa.There are a few takeaways and I appreciate her research in the field of exercise and brain health.

    7. This sort of thing just fascinates me - the way our brain works, how exercise contributes to concentration, how meditation improves brain function, etc - but I feel I've ready better books on the subjects. The author is a very likable personality, and I liked the "memoir" aspect of it, but it got bogged down in all the science terms.

    8. Some technical learning about the brain (much of which I was already familiar with), with a lot of blog like memoir mixed in. It was boring me. Of course, we should exercise and meditate and it took her a long time to get there.

    9. Written by a neuroscientist, the book was right down my alley to read over semester break. As an educator and former psychology major, the brain fascinates me. I found the sections on neuroplasticity, creativity, and dementia especially interesting. The brain hacks at the end of each chapter were practical and helpful for readers as we move beyond the analytical to actual practice. It wasn’t an earth-shattering book and I really didn’t care about why all the men she dated didn’t work out, [...]

    10. Рассказывала всем, что физкультура и медитации меняют мозг. Как и вся другая деятельность. Все отвечали: итак понятно! В общем это основное, что можно почерпнуть из этой книги. Можно не читать. Особенно, если вы не я и вам заранее понятно.

    11. This is a non-fiction read for all those who are interested and was a motivating insight into Suzuki's experience with exercise and brain plasticity.I think we all know intrinsically that exercise is good for us. What I enjoyed about this book was that it made a connection between exercise and the brain, and highlighted the fact that exercise is good for the brain. We often falsely believe that once we reach a certain age, our brain stops growing and does not have the ability to learn at the sam [...]

    12. A good book that reaches into the world of neuroscience and Suzuki's journey in understanding herself, her brain and her potentials as a human being. This book was interesting, however lacked a depth and emotion that would have made this an excellent book. Only once was I really moved, in the part where she tells her dad with dementia that 'from now on, at the end of each phone call, we will say "i love you"' and now, after every phone call they have, he never fails to recite those words.It is i [...]

    13. If you expect usual "how-to" book to get your brain healthy and happy right away, you may get annoyed with Wendy Suzuki's book. Because, you'll have to go through the journey Suzuki took in order for you to get there.I already knew many of the facts Suzuki talked about in this book, and I was already a believer of exercise to enhance my happiness and creativity before I read the book. But, I really enjoyed reading her journey to discover her own health and happiness. It's Suzuki's version of "Ea [...]

    14. I won't say you are going to learn many new things in this book. Should we constantly learn and try new things to stay mentally healthy and happy? Obviously. Does regular physical activity help us to be more productive and focus? Yes. Does meditation help to overcome stress and find balance & harmony with ourselves? Of course. Though this book might be a good reminder that everything that we know in theory should be applied to our daily life and the sooner we start acting upon our knowledge [...]

    15. I enjoyed more of Wendy's story than I did the scientific mumbo-jumbo. I did appreciate that she explained what she was doing thoroughly, however, unless I was a scientist and/or a neurologist I might not want AS much detail as she gave even though I love the technicalities of medical anatomy and the explanations of brain operation. As a teacher LOVE the fact that she summarized the pertinent information at the end of each chapter!On a personal note: I did enjoy the read and was left wondering i [...]

    16. Very fun read. Meant to just give it a quick skim before bed, and ended up staying up half the night to finish it! An interesting combination of the author's expertise as a scientist with her personal experiences.

    17. Little bit of science and a little bit of memoir. I wasn't able to get through the book; skimmed through the second half. Still think that the book has plenty of good information, insight, and an inspiring personal story to offer to many people.

    18. I really liked this book. Very interesting the way Dr Suzuki mixes her anecdotes with the neurobiology topics. Also, she wrote an endless list of bibliographies she used per chapter, so if you want to go deepr you can. Definitely a must!

    19. I'm fascinated at how exercise is such a big part of every brain book I read. It makes all the difference. I can testify to that! I loved her research on how exercise helps with creativity, problem solving, mood and more. It made me want to recommit to getting my students to move more. I also think that when the school day ends, I should go for a walk around the block and think about what went great and what I need to follow up on the next day before I sit down. Perhaps I'd be more productive if [...]

    20. I didn't get very far into this before I knew it was not for me. The writing was making it hard not to feel condescended to. I want to know your credentials. Tell me about your education. Your degrees. Your fields of study. Your collaborators. But if you use the terms award winning and world-renowned about *yourself?* I'm going to quickly be in danger of checking out. Don't tell me your stories will be riveting. Make them riveting. And if the scientist you are quoting is still alive (and isn't N [...]

    21. Так себе нейробиология: начиналась книга бодро с исследований о мозге, даже парочку интересных кейсов упомянуто, но закончилась нудятиной про влияние медитации на жизнь автора Автор до 40 лет ни разу не говорила родителям, что любит их, не имела серьёзных отношений с против [...]

    22. Bought this book thinking it was going to be a mixture of self-help and insightful knowledge on the brain and it's processes but it ended up lacking any deep insight at all on the brain, was more Wendy-help than self help because it was written from a first hand experience, random bits of the authors romantic life that were out of place, and near useless "brain hacks" for example a brain hack to reduce stress from the book: watch cat videos on YouTube??? Creativity brain hack: make a geometric o [...]

    23. Was OK, a bit more plodding and science-y than I was hoping. Got bored of chapter 1 - 3, enjoyed a bit of 4, then stopped reading. Felt a bit like a rehash of a lot of the stuff in smaller articles online by other authors. Probably really good for folks unfamiliar with this topic, but it wasn't for me.

    24. This was a little bit weird. And by that, I mean it was a strange mix between highly personal memoir and neurology textbook. I did enjoy it, but I think inward going into it with different expectations. I guess I'm just going to continue exercising and meditating and trying to live a healthy life

    25. Interesting read and a very personal story, which surprised me. I don’t think I really needed to hear about her dating life, but perhaps she thought it was important part of the book. I like the way each chapter had takeaway quick action items at the end, as I felt it was a good way to implement the data learned in her book.

    26. The author does a great job of explaining how your brain is affected by exercise! I highly recommend this book because of how it connects brain science to a healthy life style. I also appreciate her personal stories.

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