Iron Man 001: Confianza

Iron Man Confianza Tony Stark is Iron Man es un visionario tecnol gico Un multimillonario famoso y un inventor sin precedentes quien viste el traje m s avanzado y poderoso del mundo Valientemente protege a los inocente

  • Title: Iron Man 001: Confianza
  • Author: Kieron Gillen Greg Land Rodrigo Díaz
  • ISBN: 9789871934539
  • Page: 109
  • Format: Paperback
  • Tony Stark is Iron Man es un visionario tecnol gico Un multimillonario famoso y un inventor sin precedentes, quien viste el traje m s avanzado y poderoso del mundo Valientemente protege a los inocentes como el invencible caballero en la brillante armadura SU NOMBRE ES IRON MAN Edici n argentina, contiene Iron Man 2012 1 5.

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      109 Kieron Gillen Greg Land Rodrigo Díaz
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    1. Kieron Gillen Greg Land Rodrigo Díaz

      Kieron Gillen is a comic book writer and former media journalist.


    1. The introductory arc of Gillen's run in Iron Man is a direct sequel to Warren Ellis' seminal Extremis story-line. It's Tony Stark's worst nightmare, the science that made him the best Iron Man he could in the hands of the weapon merchants A.I.M.I actually appreciated this approach by Gillen because Extremis is much more familiar to me than Matt Fraction's Iron Man, whose work on the character preceded Gillen's. It also helped that the Iron Man sequel released this year borrowed heavily from Elli [...]

    2. Mixed feelings. On one hand, I do appreciate that the storyline is self contained. It starts here, and it's over with here. You don't need much canon background, other than a passing knowledge of Extremis. I already had that, but you could probably pick up everything you needed to know from this collection. And parts of the story are very fun.That said, I did take issue with some aspects of this book, namely the art. Land seems to have a hard time drawing convincing expressions, especially on th [...]

    3. Bullet Review:I've not been an Iron Man fan for long, and I've by no means read his entire repertoire, but geez, this was so not worth $20.The Extremis virus is back and Tony must hunt down the four clusters, if you will, out there. Cue lots of "monster of the week" plot lines - a goofy Arthurian one, a somewhat more interesting one involving a drug dealer and his dying daughter, an OK if not terribly well explained one with 13 brainwashed women and the last, a plot involving enhancing humans to [...]

    4. Pretty decent. I wasn't a fan of Fraction's run with IM and this was one was more fun than that series. This book still felt super disjointed. A lot of easy villians for Tony to wipe out. Gives it a pretty slight feeling. Still willing to move forward with this series.

    5. This is my first iron man book and I was expecting this to be massively crap, but it wasn't. I actually enjoyed it.I always thought iron man is good on screen, but he's never worked for me in comics. This kept me entertained until the end, but I don't think I'd read vol.2 unless it was on sale.I'm wondering if I need to check out any of his old stuffm where to start? Anyone?Apart from some dodgy smiles from Tony in this, it was quite entertaining.

    6. A very disappointing start to the relaunched title of one of Marvel's biggest heroes. There's not much original about the book, Gillen's writing is so-so while Land's art all but sinks the book. Full review here!

    7. Read in single issues.I expected Greg Land's art to be a problem, and it was. I didn't expect Kieron Gillen's writing to be a problem, but it was.The best writing in the world would struggle against Land's art, with its squinty-eyed men, its complete inability to depict any convincing human expressions (especially for women, who are limited either to smiling maniacally or looking like they're faking arousal), and its objectifying poses. It is, to be fair, pretty good at the technofantasia -- Iro [...]

    8. This was the first Iron Man comic I've read since Ellis's Extremis. Oddly, it picks up the Extremis story-line. Some bad guy has stolen the technology and sold it to some people. The book is very episodic with each chapter concerning Stark retrieving the technology from another buyer. This makes for a fairly predictable story, but the author keeps it interesting by the variety of characters and the varying uses the buyers used the technology for. Some use it for evil, some for good (in an ideali [...]

    9. Didn't love it, didn't hate it. Quite a bit of meh to my feelings. When did the chick who engineered Extremis become a good guy? I missed something, didn't I? Somebody tell me what I missed!Tony tracks down Extremis kits that have been sold to various villains and even to some not-so-bad guys.The King Arthur storyline was by far the lamest, and the demon-chick at the end was by far the most confusing.In between there was a lot of that meh I mentioned.

    10. Like many of the comic book omnibuses I've been reading lately, this features amazing artwork and a great storylinebut a bit too much sultriness, blood, and profanity.

    11. OK, so finally my library got this in, and Vol. 2! I was excited, as I am with all Marvel NOW! Books, versus DC New 52, where I have a feeling that sits somewhere between utter dread and ambivalence.Good stuff: I actually liked the idea of Tony having to go around to shut down the people who'd bought Black-Market Extremis, sort of paying penance for his involvement.Some of the various Iron Man armours are on display here, I thought the liquid smart-metal armour was AWESOME! What a great idea (if [...]

    12. Is it just me, or does Iron Man really only work in a team setting? Seriously, I like him in the Avengers, and it's fun to read him in New Avengers, but he just doesn't have what it takes to fly solo. Tony Stark has an extreme personality, and you need people to bounce that off of, or he will just become boring. Most of this book is just Tony on his own, and you know what, it became boring. Tony isn't the only problem with this book though. The writing is really subpar. I think the only other th [...]

    13. Review is for the single-issue comics. If you are waiting for the graphic novel, here be spoilers.I was really hoping for good things from Iron Man. I will admit, I have no past experience with the comics but came to Tony and company through the outings of the MCU. When Marvel decided to relaunch most of their comics, I jumped on board a few of their series, hoping to find some adventures, some dynamic characters, and that perfect fusion of art and storytelling. I was thoroughly impressed with M [...]

    14. There are more good things than bad to be said about Iron Man: Believe.First off, I seriously love the technological advances Tony's made since the beginning of the Marvel Now! initiative. Some of it goes over my head, but-Random person: Um, *cough* Ultron?Me: Tony?Tony: On it. *blasts with repulser* Me: *leaning over charred remains* Ultron's from the 70's, dipshit.Where was I?Oh, right.Iron Man is probably Marvel's most popular superhero, though I bet Spider-Man probably brings in more denero. [...]

    15. Clearly I've been on a graphic novel kick, specifically superheroes. I guess that's to do with the dismal summer blockbuster movies. They certainly haven't busted my blocks this year.This is similar to the Hawkeye book in that it actually contains a full story. There are no cliffhangers here. We get a beginning, middle and end, an arc to both the plot (find rogue elements of Extremis 2) and to Tony's character arc. It's so nice to read a whole story.And the story is quite a lot of fun. The creat [...]

    16. This it didn't work. I liked it, but it felt at first that it was all style and no substance, and then, when the substance comes along, it's not got enough impact. There needed to be something more, something bigger, something better, something more challenging. A few parts lacked clarity, the links felt weak and it was too easy, which runs counter to what the protagonist is grasping for: a challenge. He's never in over his head, he's never taken on more than he can chew and there's no element o [...]

    17. Okay, confession: I did read all of Tony's parts in RDJ's voice. I couldn't help it. I liked it, but I definitely didn't love it. For being vol. 1 in a new series, it still was a bit hard to really get into. It wasn't until the end that I figured Extremis was a virus and not a robot. My bad. And I didn't adore the art. SORRY. It just seemed a bit off. Also, so sexist. I get that Tony Stark IS a sexist person, but anytime a girl is in the comic, it's her body that's prominent and not, like, her f [...]

    18. Where there are movies, there are chances to redeem or ruin a comic character. Kieron Gillen is teamed with Greg Land to launch Iron Man into the Marvel Now phase. Drawing heavily on the Extremis idea recently showcased in Iron Man 3, this relaunch fails to step up to the plate. Scientist Maya Hansen had finally been killed by her Extremist virus - which has been sold by AIM to high bidders. Deciding to end the potential for destruction that Maya has created, Tony adds new suits to his armory. E [...]

    19. Well, this ended EXACTLY where I wish it would have started, with Tony Stark suiting up and heading into space. Of course. Goddamn it. Why did we have to fight lesser Iron Men first? Why did we have to discuss the pluses and minuses of Tony Stark banging randos versus settling down with Pepper Potts? Why would that even be on the table at this point? Why does Tony Stark look like he's wearing dentures? And why oh why do people keep trying to out-Iron-Man Iron Man? If you want to beat Iron Man, i [...]

    20. Gillen is the best writer Marvel have at the moment, and a lovely fellow to boot. But so far, I simply can't get into this. He's managed to turn around some unenviable assignments in the past - a one-shot about Batroc? A story about Thor and Spidey getting Hulked-out because of some (gamma) reasons? Both were excellent. But faced with a story about noted inventor and futurist Tony Stark going around taking technology away from people, even people who aren't being evil, just in case - which I can [...]

    21. La historia no es la gran cosa pero entretiene, aunque es lo más flojito que le he leído a Gillen. El dibujo no está a la altura de otros laburos de Land (quizás porque acá afana menos o afana peor) que me cerraron mucho más, pero es narrativamente zafable.Pero por una vez, tengo que reconocer que la edición de Ovni está bastante bien. Precio relativamente bueno, papel bonito como simpre y, sobre todo, ¡un arco argumental completo! Y no de material previamente editado en revistas y lueg [...]

    22. "I am an Iron Man fan for quite sometime now and the best books for me was Extremis by Warren Ellis and Matt Fraction's run on the Invincible Iron Man (volumes 1 to 6 and 9 to 11 anyway). In this new approach by Gillen, he intends to bring Tony Stark / Iron Man into a totally new dimension on storytelling. Ideal but in this bookcking. It feels like reading old Iron Man stories, there're no new sci-fi tricks, no technopath-extremis abilities being shown by Stark and no challenging foes to bring r [...]

    23. I've said it before, all a graphic novel needs to be is fun, at least for me anyways. And this was fun. What happens when bad guys get ahold of, and sell Extremis?Well that's what Tony Stark has to find out. This GN has a solid if not some what shaky story, and a lot of different Iron Man suites of Armor. I know this arc has got quite a few mediocreReviews but if you are a Iron Man fan then you should pick it up.

    24. Well, this is a disappointment. This very episodic volume has Tony running around the world trying to track down bits of Extremis. Some stories are better than others but most are just dull. It seems like this whole book is just an excuse for Tony to show off a new Iron Man suit in each issue. Also Greg Land's art alternates between beautiful and wonky. He can't seem to keep character's faces consistent. At one point a character suddenly looks exactly like Don Knotts! WTF?

    25. The continuation of the acclaimed Extremis storyline written by Warren Ellis is actually as good as the original story itself. It delivers a fun and action packed story that is accompanied with some clever comedy, such as the joke about the stealth suit.For the art, i think it's interesting and unique because some of the armor and chrarcter model is actually based on the movie (photo-tracing, some of them is good and some are bad) and i think the only thing that is build from the scratch is the [...]

    26. ironman no es mi superhéroe preferido.En esta historia en particular, me cae mal el rol intrascendente que le asigna a Pepper: supuestamente la versión aggiornada de la historia es menos machista y le asigna un papel de CEO de la compañía y de mujer brillante, pero en la narración sólo aparece revoloteando alrededor del protagonista. Al igual que todas las otras mujeres que aparecen en la historia, solo se resalta sus atributos físicos y son en el fondo siempre la misma mujer voluptuosa y [...]

    27. Honestly, the art in this is absolutely beautiful on every page. Even the small details are amazing.The story was interesting enough to keep me engaged - this is definitely one of my favorite american comics so far.

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