While Angels Slept

While Angels Slept A D When her husband perishes in a skirmish the Lady Cantia du Bexley Penden is distraught Her husband was assisting the mighty Viscount Winterton in the battle for the throne between Empress Ma

  • Title: While Angels Slept
  • Author: Kathryn Le Veque
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 449
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • 1139 A.D When her husband perishes in a skirmish, the Lady Cantia du Bexley Penden is distraught Her husband was assisting the mighty Viscount Winterton in the battle for the throne between Empress Matilda and Stephen of Blois, caught, like most men, in a vicious struggle for the rightful ruler of England Tevin du Reims is Viscount Winterton, a man with a heavy burden1139 A.D When her husband perishes in a skirmish, the Lady Cantia du Bexley Penden is distraught Her husband was assisting the mighty Viscount Winterton in the battle for the throne between Empress Matilda and Stephen of Blois, caught, like most men, in a vicious struggle for the rightful ruler of England Tevin du Reims is Viscount Winterton, a man with a heavy burden to bear and a dreadful secret A lonely man whose wife left him years ago with a sickly child to raise, he is drawn to the sorrowful Lady Penden and in comforting her, falls in love with her With her husband so recently killed, Cantia cannot resist the solace offered by the handsome viscount.A fiery passion is borne from grief and loneliness, and soon Tevin and Cantia find themselves in the grip of a powerful romance But forces are at work against them Cantia s father in law, driven to madness by the death of his son, plots Cantia s demise, blaming her for his son s death Complicating the issue is Tevin s cousin, the lecherous Earl of East Anglia, who sets his sights on Cantia as a conquest In order to protect Cantia, Tevin secretly whisks her from Rochester Castle with the intention of sending her someplace safe But his altruistic plans come to ruin when Cantia is abducted by outlaws.And so begins the journey Come along on the adventure of Tevin and Cantia, following them through death and life, through sorrow and hope It is a tale of a lifetime involving two people with utterly shattered lives who must save each other and restore hope during the dark times of early Medieval England, during a turbulent time when men openly said Christ and his angels slept.

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    1. Thoroughly enjoyed this one. True the ending is a tad unbelievable, but I didn't mind. The characters were solid, and while the heroine was a weeper and did turn a bit bossy, at least she wasn't out to prove things, didn't do anything stupid, and still managed to have a personality. Save me from the spunky, know-it-all shrew.

    2. This is the very first Kathryn LeVeque book that I didn't absolutely adore. There was only one problem with the story but that problem was huge for me and ultimately undermined the enjoyment of the entire book. It is also something Ms. LeVeque is usually incredibly adept at - and that is the integrity of character development and consistency.The story starts with LeVeque painting a picture of the death of a beloved husband so beautifully that it literally brings tears to the reader's eyes. The a [...]

    3. Better have tissues ready!I found this novel to be slightly different than some of Kathryn's other stories that I have read. Don't get me wrong I loved the the other stories as well, but this one was a nice change. It's not as battle heavy, and doesn't have the same court intrigue. I find court intrigue sometimes wearying.The hero Tevin is for lack of a better word dreamy. He is a gentle giant; fierce in battle but tender in life. He has a disabled daughter he adores. And a sister that drives hi [...]

    4. 5***** this is one medieval romance that you will need the tissues out for. I was crying for the first 15% of it. It cheers up nicely after that. The story centres on the family and the relationships. Our hero has a disabled child that a lot of men of that era would have rejected. Then the way he dealt with the old father in law shocked me. I really enjoyed this as usual Kathryn has written a very compelling story.

    5. Life in historyLoved the story as I have all your writings. I always have trouble putting them down. There is passion, love, war and heroes. The only problem I had with this story was there was a lot of typing errors in the book. I am one of those that read every word and almost all books that I read have some typos. This one had more than usual.

    6. Needs proofreadingThe stories flow feels interrupted by the mistakes. Example would be where it says the date as May but on the same page it describes the chill of the March air. Also there were many other small errors throughout the book, that took away the enjoyment.

    7. This was just 'okay' for KL, overlooking typos as usual. Be warned if you don't like adultery - this is gosh darn chocked full of "adulterousy" shenanigans. I generally liked both the h/H from the beginning but by the end I found the h generally annoying with her demanding attitude, the way she handles several situations just don't seem appropriate in the time period. Down right far-fetched in places.The epilogue was worth reading the book, as it's a nice bit of housekeeping, to tie things up ne [...]

    8. The first couple of chapters totally gutted me - I was crying my eyes out. I felt the pain of the heroine and her father in law. It didn't have that much battle scene but I still enjoyed reading this book.

    9. While Angels Slept I enjoyed this story just as much as I always do. Sense I have discover Kathryn's books. I enjoy all of her stories. Thank you again. Ada G.

    10. Not bad. A little on the boring side.Tevin du Reims, Viscount Winterton, arrives at Rochester as part the war between Stephen of Blois and the Empress Matlida. du Reims is supporting Stephen in the war, and during a battle to take a bridge, one his knights is killed in battle. He arrives at Rochester to find the distraught Lady Cantia du Bexley Penden, and is almost immediately charmed by her beauty. If it's not bad enough that he's married to a woman that abandoned him years ago, and she's stil [...]

    11. And So It Begins,And now I have read almost all of Kathryn's books, and of course will re-read so many with answers to questions I did not even realise I had. Where did the mighty "du Lohr" dynasty begin? Also, why did the place and title "the marches" begin? Where had I heard the title "Lords of East Anglia" before? What was the background and origin of the beautiful and wise Eleanor Briton du Rheims and Geoffrey Hage and the mysterious origins of the decendants of the Earl of Newark And finall [...]

    12. Deeply Moving CharactersCompelling story with many layers to draw the reader in and take one on an adventurous ride. Filled with passion and creative expression to put one's self in midst of medieval time. So full of unique characters from the families interleaved to make for a generational experience!

    13. FANTASTICAs usual Kathryn Le Veque has done an amazing job. The heartfelt emotions in this story were as real as our everyday lives. There was excitement, sadness ,happiness and love. The writing g a d the story itself told of many facts of the history of Earls and Lords. Knights and Vicounts. AMAZING READING!!!

    14. A nice innocuous little historical romance.I have to say the 'fiery passion' mentions in the book's description didn't come across too well for me.I certainly wouldn't dismiss this author altogether I can't complain too loudly; it was Kindle freebie.Full blog post (including any errors/bug bears) can be found on my Blog Post #410 in January 2014.

    15. A Wonderful StoryThis is a beautiful story that takes the reader through the relationship of Cantia and Tevin from its inception. The story is filled with descriptions that engage the reader in the emotions and events of life as the characters live them. The author captivates readers, leaving them with a desire to read more.

    16. Again a great book!Oh my! This one is such a tear jerker! I cried through most of it. Written with such emotion, it wrings your heart. So fantastic to see the beginning of so many of my favorite characters. Fantastic job Kathryn Le Veque!

    17. Loved the book, twisted and turned wasn't predictable, had a believable love story and some parts typical to the historical fiction and parts of humour and brutality. Kept me gripped, tears and sweetness, compassion and true grit!

    18. Great bookAnother good book by Kathryn Le Veque. This book does not disappoint in any way. Now I am ready to read about the de Lohr dynasty

    19. Good storyI enjoyed this story. It is sad that the heroine's husband was killed. The crazy father in law was a surprise.

    20. TerrificMade me laugh, made me cry and kept me wrapped up in their world. I love the way their lives entwined to create lots of future stories.

    21. greatNot surprised, this author yet again brings romance and history together to make a story hard to put downhoping for more of this!

    22. Good story but didn't like all the constant crying and weeping and soobing and eye moisture. Also the part with the brick wall O_O!! That is terrible!

    23. All of her book are great reading from beginning to end .) 5 stars5 stars rating enjoy reading all of her books. You will be amazed at the adventures

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