Arthur and the Minimoys

Arthur and the Minimoys Deep underground the Minimoys are waiting for a champion Arthur s grandfather disappeared four years ago All he left behind are his notebooks full of stories about the Minimoys a miniature people wh

  • Title: Arthur and the Minimoys
  • Author: Luc Besson
  • ISBN: 9780060596255
  • Page: 234
  • Format: Paperback
  • Deep underground, the Minimoys are waiting for a champion Arthur s grandfather disappeared four years ago All he left behind are his notebooks full of stories about the Minimoys, a miniature people who are all less than one inch tall But the Minimoys can t possibly be real can they Ten year old Arthur is about to find out, as a hidden message catapults himDeep underground, the Minimoys are waiting for a champion Arthur s grandfather disappeared four years ago All he left behind are his notebooks full of stories about the Minimoys, a miniature people who are all less than one inch tall But the Minimoys can t possibly be real can they Ten year old Arthur is about to find out, as a hidden message catapults him on an adventure wilder than he had ever imagined He ll face mosquito riding soldiers, a malevolent wizard, giant centipedes, and one very independent princess and along the way he might discover that the littlest heroes can make the biggest difference.

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      Luc Besson is a French film director, writer and producer He is the creator of EuropaCorp film company He has been involved with over 50 films, spanning 26 years, as writer, director, and or producer, including the Transporter series.


    1. Ten-year-old Arthur and his grandmother are still haunted by the disappearance of Arthur's grandfather, an explorer who remains missing after several years, while being hounded by the developer who intends to evict them from their house. As money runs out, Grandma is faced with selling many of the precious artifacts Grandpa found in his extensive journeys--but not before Arthur finds a clue to the treasure that Grandpa hid in the backyard. This discovery takes Arthur on an incredible adventure t [...]

    2. Okay, this is obviously a young reader book. It puts a new spin on the 'Arthur and The Sword In The Stone' concept.

    3. IGGPPC Monthly Challenge April 2015 : a book adapted into an animated movie2015 Popsugar Reading Challenge : a book at the bottom of your to-read listI didn't expected a lot from this book, so I can't say I was really disappointed. The story itself is a classic adventure, rather entertaining, the kind of thing a experienced film-maker like Besson can do.Not much subtelty, but some efficiency.What really bothered me though was the writing. I can't call it purple prose really, but it felt cheesy a [...]

    4. Awalnya buku Arthur dan Suku Minimoy tak menarik minat saya untuk membacanya. Cover bukunya yang didominasi warna biru dan menggambarkan dua mahluk minimoy tak membuat saya tak semangat membacanya meskipun di covernya terdapat juga keterangan bahwa buku ini telah difilmkan dengan Madonna sebagai pengisi suaranya.Ketertarikan saya terhadap buku ini timbul ketika menyaksikan preview film Arthur and The Minimoys yang diputar di Blitzmegaplex ketika saya menonton Mr Bean-Holiday bersama keluarga. Sa [...]

    5. I believe this is one of the books I received for free from an elementary school. It is an interesting concept, but I found it difficult to get through. It didn't capture my attention. I personally feel like there was too much off topic information that slowed the plot down. It is possible that the information that didn't seem to belong is relevant to the second book, but it didn't make sense in this one. This novel is about the adventures of Arthur as he tries to save his grandmother's property [...]

    6. Книга яка трошки занурюює мене в казку і напевне захоплює і не відпускає навіть поїсти)))

    7. I first saw the movie and basically anything with young Freddie Highmore is brilliant so I love the movie. I didn't realize they were books until years later and didn't know even until later than that that Jim Dale read the audio books! I love a good audio book, so I listened to Jim Dale's excellent performance and loved every second.The movie is about both "Arthur and the Minimoys" and "Arthur and the Forbidden City", and it follows it very well, if my memory is correct. Again, I love both so v [...]

    8. This book has been sitting on my shelf for years. Literally. It’s in my possesion since 2006. I thought it was about time for me to finally read it. I didn’t expect much, so I was not disappointed. The whole idea is actually quite interesting and I found myself really liking the world of Minimoys. Although, it could’ve been executed a bit better. The world building itself was not very neat and I kept wondering about stuff that were quickly mentioned, but never actually explained. At the b [...]

    9. It is around 1960 and Arthur is a ten-year-old boy whose parents are away looking for jobs so he is staying with his grandmother Suchot. His grandfather Archibald, who had been an engineer and travelled all over the world, has been missing for four years but left behind notebooks filled with stories about the Minimoys, a miniature people living underground who are all less than one inch tall. Archibald also buried some rubies somewhere in the garden. When Grandma can’t pay the taxes, utilities [...]

    10. Arthur adalah bocah berusia 10 tahun yang punya imajinasi yang hebat. Ia tinggal bersama neneknya. Orang tua Arthur tinggal di kota lain untuk mencari pekerjaan. Sementara itu, kakek Arthur - Archibald, sudah empat tahun menghilang entah kemana. Arthur gemar masuk ke ruang kerja kakeknya meskipun sudah dilarang. Ia suka membaca buku-buku peninggalan kakeknya tentang petualangannya di Afrika.Kehidupan Arthur dan neneknya berjalan dengan tenang dan damai, meskipun mereka hanya tinggal berdua. Nene [...]

    11. Arthur tinggal berdua dengan neneknya. Orang tuanya tinggal di kota yang berbeda. Sedangkan kakeknya Archibal, menghilang 4 tahun lalu. Masalah datang setelah Arthur merayakan ulangtahunnya yang ke-10. Davido, orang kaya yang menginginkan rumah neneknya datang dan membawa surat yang membuktikan bahwa rumah itu adalah milik keluarganya. Walaupun pada awalnya tidak berhasil, toh Davido bisa melakukan apa saja untuk mengambil rumah itu, dan mereka, Arthur dan neneknya diberi waktu selama 3 hari unt [...]

    12. Wah alhamdulillah buku anak-anak ini aku and Aa dapatkan dari Borders Australia di Chadstone Shopping Center, cuma AUD 2.50 (Rp. 15,000 saat itu). Waktu itu sedang ada diskon gede-gedean, kontan deh kami kalap belanja buku dari mulai buku saku sampai semacam seri ensiklopedia-nya BBC.Buku ini berkisah tentang petualangan Arthur si anak laki-laki cerdas berumur 10 tahun bersama para minimoys. Arthur tinggal di tahun 1960, bersama neneknya di sebuah rumah pedesaan yang tua, sehingga jarang bertemu [...]

    13. Arthur's grandfather has gone missing four years ago. Arthur lives with his grandmother, mostly happy, except for wishing his parents would stop their job-hunting to come live with him again. As an evil plot emerges to take away his grandmother's land, he turns to the Minimoys, a tiny people inches tall, to warn them of the impending disaster and seek the rubies he suspects must be hidden with them.This was a disorienting read. Arthur is supposed to be ten, but he often feels younger than that a [...]

    14. My 9-year-old daughter came home from the library with this book (in fact the whole series). Since I'd never heard of it before, I decided to read the first one to see what it was she was devouring with such interest.Because I read the book in Russian translation (not my native language) I don't feel competent to comment on the style.On the positive side, this is a decent adventure story whose mysterious beginning is sure to captivate any young reader. I can see why it was made into a movie. The [...]

    15. Young Arthur is devastated to learn that her grandparents are in danger of loosing their house and the farm. But his grandfather has been missing for four years, so to help his grandma avoid eviction, Arthur renews his efforts looking for clues as to how and why his grandpa disappeared. Arthur's urgent search thrusts him into the land of the little people-- the Minimoys, and that's belowground of the backyard garden where his grandpa disappeared. With the help of the Bogo-Matassalai tribe, Arthu [...]

    16. I read this book and the second one from this series like, three years ago? Anyway, ever since, it has been lingering in the back of my head, peeking its head out from time to time. For me, the most amazing things in this book are the relationships. And of course, the child in me loved the way the garden was described, and as I realised in the final book, the whole world of the minimoys - the seven kingdoms or whatever they were, all fit into the one garden. I also loved the grandfather and his [...]

    17. Da grandissima amante dei film da cui questa saga è tratta, non potevo proprio perdere l'occasione di leggere questo libro quando ne ho avuto l'opportunità.In questo libro conosciamo Arthur; bambino cresciuto con le storie fantastiche del nonno. Non appena la nonna è sul punto di di perdere la casa, Arthur parte alla ricerca del tesoro nascosto nella terra dei Minimei, creaturine alte due millimetri e che vivono nel suo giardino.Di questo libro dirò qualcosa che non pensavo avrei mai detto: [...]

    18. We had fun! There isn't much difference from book to film! There are even exact lines that are the same. It was just as fun to read the book as it was to watch the movie! Who doesn't want to believe that there is a world of little people living in their backyardd if only you have all the pieces (a rug, five very large men and a magic telescope), and the right timingyou too can join them for awhile!?! I know I'd like to sleep in a Tulip, ride a bee, use a leaf as a boat down a raging mud puddleA [...]

    19. This book was pretty good for a fantasy adventure. A tribe of little people that one else believes exists become involved in an adventure that a child becomes tangled up with isn't entirely original, but this was light and exciting, and I liked it for that. One little quirk about this book was that it seemed a little like an old cartoon or comic strip with its regular use of phrases like "our three heroes". It even ended with a to be continued That's a phrase right out of cinema if ever there wa [...]

    20. If this name sounds familiar it may be because Besson is more famous for his movies which include The Fifth Element and La Femme Nikita. This is Besson's first novel for young people and the first in a series of books on Arthur's adventures. Arthur is a ten-year-old boy living with his grandmother. His grandfather disappeared four years earlier and now a greedy developer is trying to take the family farm. Arthur heads out to find his grandfather and save the family farm. A cute story, fantasy lo [...]

    21. I'm not familiar with the works of Luc Besson, on screen on written. Therefore, I can't compare the book to any of his other works. To be honest, I generally find the book -- entertaining. The dose of adventure and magic is good to revive one from a dreadful day. I like Arthur, his silliness makes me giggle time and time. All I could think of was; what an adorable child. It's a good easy read for children. It could easily whisk those with huge imagination on to a great adventure. And I heard the [...]

    22. Arthur goes on an adventure with some "Little People" who live in his yard in order to stop the evil corporation and stem the tide of development. I should be so lucky with my little Arthur. It was a good read and it will be lots of fun to read out loud someday. It is one in a series, and ended on something of a cliff hanger. Not so much of a cliff hanger that I am impatient to get to the library for the next installment, but enough of on that I will check out book 2 as soon as I am near the lib [...]

    23. Not even Jim Dale's voice could salvage this audio recording. Even thought the writing wasn't bad and the characters were fun, the plot could not have been more simple or cliche. Couldn't find it in myself to care whether they lost the house. And I actually dreaded the inevitable introduction of the Minimoys. I don't see why writers are so interested in tiny people. Must be the same writers who love writing stories about mice. Can we just write a great story and forget about the gimmicks? Only g [...]

    24. There is some beautiful imagery in this book - especially at the beginning. The descriptions are captivating. Some of the references and names are great introductions for young readers to classic concepts (Arthur removes the sword from the stone; a guy who works w/ mirrors is named Miro, etc.) But near the middle it got a bit tiresome. I also find it irritating that it isn't a complete story - what should have been one book is divided into two. I probably would have given it 4 stars except for t [...]

    25. Les yeux sur la page, la tête au cinéVoici l’occasion pour observer (et surtout lire!) Luc Besson dans le rôle inédit d’auteur de livres pour les enfants. Premier volume d’une trilogie, ce livre réussit à capturer l’attention du lecteur le transportant dans un monde fantastique et assez original. Bien qu’il soit évident que le livre n’est qu’un “complément de scénario” pour le film (les films: il y a deux suites à ce livre et c’est une trilogie aussi au ciné!) qui [...]

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